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Every human dream is to reach a high place, but this dream remains a dream for some people and some people really change it. It is necessary to dream to become something in the world, but keeping this dream to the extent of a dream does not reach the destination, it has to be determined, tried, worked hard. The nation in which children are not shown noble dreams will never move forward. When a man dreams to find a destination, he will feel good by feeling himself in this place, then he will also feel anxious to find this destination, then he will also try for it. When a man is shown a dream again and again, he slowly starts to get deep inside it, he is getting motivation and encouragement that he can really find his destination. I once gave the children a little subject of science to read that tomorrow I would take her test and the next day she took her test, a child's mother complained that our child was not missing. It means that by getting rid of it, the whole Marx is considered to be the success of the child, and a small topic in which the child also got one day's time, it was also understood that even the child could not prepare a small article. That is why we do not have either inventions or even if there are, flour is equal to salt. Because writing in the test only eliminates the ability to think within the child.Then, when these children go to the ninth grade after the eighth grade, they do not read all the books, they are only dependent on the notes of different centers and five years, and in the paper, when something different comes out of them, they cry. At this time we are feeling regret that we do not have the habit of reading the books of the curriculum properly and the habit that is not used to childhood is also difficult later. Then how will the nation in which the tendency to pass the exam is high, how will it be a habit of dreaming loudly within the children?

Extracurricular activities are very important for students.

It is also an important part of the education system that is not often in schools. Science lab means only ninth tenth grade children can read there? Science lab should also be for students studying in a small class because science subjects do not get anything from reading only in the book.

I have forgotten to go. If we teach children in the book as well as give them experiments, the interest of the children will increase, because science is the subject in which humans are always curious about how anything is happening and why. Therefore, not only will the children enjoy reading, but they will not be burdened with education. We have very few schools that work on children's creativity. There are a large number of schools where it is preferred to make money in the name of education. I don't even want to teach in small schools that open the streets. Small classes, teacher come to school and explain the subject and write a few questions about it and take the same test. He is given the name of reading in school. In this way, the student comes to read Urdu English, but they have neither the creativity nor the choice of English and Urdu words comes from the right. Especially English language. This is the reason why many of us do not speak English. All schools, whether they are government schools or private schools, should work on children's creativity, everyone should be educated so that these children do not feel inferior because their schooling is not good, they suffer from child deprivation. If not every child can attend the most expensive school, why not every child should be taught the same and in fact it should be, and not only this but also show high dreams to the children. What has he said to anyone?

"Man should walk on earth but look at the sky."

Children should dream so much that the children started working hard to give this dream the color of reality and therefore its motivation continued.

Why do humans make themselves so beneficial that they go and give this world a lot and many people are encouraged to see the success of a human being, take courage, get motivation and so a nation grows.


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