Body Shaming In Our Society

(Habiba Qazi, )

"You are Fat. You are skinny. You are too short. Your skin is ugly. You are too dark" Are you one of the victims of these body-shaming phrases, or are you one of those who have said these hurtful phrases without knowing that you are body-shaming. Body shaming is when someone makes you feel lesser than who you are, like your body is not good enough or not pretty enough orjust not enough! Body shaming is something more than worse that you can do to a person.

Where are people, primarily girls getting this body shame from? Definitely from the society we all live in. Why do people in our community judge others based on their body weight, skin colour, and height? Don't you think that this needs to stop?

90% of the girls suffer from anxiety, depression, or lower self-esteem because they don't fit society's view of Beauty. Comments like "your skin is too dark or too ugly, who will marry you?" and "You are too fat; you should eat less and go on a diet," and "You are too thin, eat more otherwise your clothes won’t look good on you." These comments are demeaning, painful. People who bodily shame don't even know how someone is going through a hard time because of their cruel sentences. Sometimes, a person mocked for his body weight doesn't mean they eat a lot; sometimes, they are suffering from thyroid problems in which people with low levels of thyroid hormones can experience weight gain and an increase in body mass index.

My body shaming story is not because I was fat or too short because I was not comfortable being myself. I wasn't confident in myself, also. I remember when I was 12, my weight used to be 65 kg. My classmates used to shout "here comes the football" whenever I enter the classroom. Imagine how hurtful that was. My cousinsused to say, "you are too fat to be attractive," I started to hate the way I looked. To avoid those humiliating words like "football" "balloon." I did a rigid diet, and I used to faint sometimes due to starvation to prevent being called fat or ugly! Eventually, I lost 15 kg, and luckily, I stopped hearing those mean comments. But that wasn't the end of my body shame. Again people mocked me for being short. I asked myself if that's my fault. I tried many things and medicines to be tall. In the end, I realized that it was useless. Then I knew that people would always say, "You are fat, get skinnier," "You are skinny, get fatter" People will never be satisfied with how you look; all they need are reasons for body shame.

Always remember, "It's the inside that matters, not the outside."

The world is full of all shapes and sizes, and often, people can't control the body style they were born with. No matter what kinds of bodies you see, try not to judge them, even in your head.

"Your words can help someone to change their entire perspective of themselves!"

One thing is for sure that body shaming can come from every part of your life; it can be from your friends or even your relatives and people around you. Most of the time, we're body shaming ourselves even though people are not shaming us. Only you can stop body shaming yourself, and the best way to stop is to start appreciating or admiring everything you have. Stop shaming yourself for not looking like the supermodel-figured girls in the magazines or ads. Most people around you probably don't have that model looks, but they're still beautiful in their ways. Don't forget that you are, too!

"Being different is what makes you beautiful! Embrace your differences!"

We have a great example of Khaadi's new campaign, "Now or Never" they used different sizes of models, including plus size. The world should know that.
"Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes."

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