(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

“Eat of what is lawful and pure in the earth, and do not follow in Satan’s steps.”
Holy Quran [2:168]
“A time will come upon the people when they will not care as to how he gets his money whether legally or illegally.”
Al-Haidth [Bukhari]
Today, we are living in social media reign. The hundreds of apps are launched by different companies to generate their income through these Application programs. Real factors of Snack video is more critical chapter. I have to share status of earning through Snack video. The earning of the snack video is Harm and against the Islamic spirit. There are no such values in Islamic culture to watching vulgarity i.e. snack videos even earning too. Why Snack video earning is Haram? The tone of the Music are including in each videos. Moreover, the women have been performing style of stupid dialogues or style of tight dressing which is harness for attraction of young people. Our little community is doing good work in this plate form. The different companies are offering earning on various application programs to just install their app in your mobile or laptop to watching vulgar videos and spreading vulgarity amidst the Muslims. The earning through Snack videos and sharing is Haram. This is a matter of Islamic Jurisprudence. Those who have disagreed with my statement may consult Islamic Jurist who have enough knowledge to explain in detail. We should repent our ways according to Quran and Sunnat. We should try to adopt Hala (pure) earning according to Sunnat. The snack videos are spreading venoms to destroy our culture. Our mannerism is lying on death bad.

Being as Muslim Community we shall observe norms and tradition of our forefathers. The tiktok is one of the famous apps for entertaining the public. It is bitter reality. This is glimpse of vulgarity which is liked by our young generation. It is giant Snake and full of venom to spreading evils in our societies. Now the Snack video apps are also famous amidst the young people. However, there are some side effects on these application programs in our social life.

Al Kasib O Habibullah (Al-Haidth) (Sehih Muslim), (Bukhari)
The Holy Prophet (PBUH) is reported to have said that one who earns by struggle is a friend of Allah (al-kasib habibullah).

In Islam there are two ways of earning, first you have to work with your own hands or physical appearance. Secondly, you have to invested your money in any business and become sleeping partner in a firm. The object of the snack video is to spreading sexuality in our societies. Moreover, the tone of the music which is using in snack video is also Haram to listening. How we presume this is Halal earning from snack video? These companies has been doing their business to earn money and investing money to promote their business and distribute their income among young people to attract to watching snack videos. You have destroyed your character as well as social approach. So my dear brothers and sisters beware devil voice.

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