Prayer for forgiveness

(Dr. Shakira Nandini, Porto)

Dr. Shakira Nandini, Portugal

In Porto, Portugal, a 14-year-old boy was dying of cancer. The child was asked his last wish. The child said, "I want to watch the football World Cup." Not only the child, but his entire family was provided with both plane and match tickets. The child came to watch the match and then after some time he left this place, his crying parents and his siblings forever. Parents say to those who come to mourn, "Our child was innocent. For this, along with Surah Al-Fatiha and prayers for forgiveness, can you pray for these doctors, these nurses and the management of this hospital?" I don't remember, nor did they know what the religion of all these Christians was (to go to heaven after death) that they made the hospital a paradise for our dying child ... ????

Those who came to pray for the child raised their eyebrows at this, but the parents, being shocked, did not argue much, thinking that this command was very bad in their hearts.

Then there is another country which is called Islamic country, where there are many Muslims and even more the slogans of Islam keep being raised. Swords come out of the scabbard even when one expresses grief over the death of a non-Muslim. There is a cage for a girl, her mistress, to whom her parents were enslaved for a few rupees. The name of humanity has been erased. When this poor girl dies, won't there be any first wish in life? No institution, no human being ... She was a slave to a Muslim woman in an Islamic country whose Facebook posts and WhatsApp messages included Durood Sharif, the head of Islam, Jumu'ah Mubarak and curses on infidels and those who, despite being Muslims, speak only of humanity. Contains fatwas of disbelief.

Now if anyone came to me and told me that the infidel doctor of Porto had died who had done nothing to bring a smile to the face of a dying child, I would like to express my heartfelt forgiveness for this infidel and patience for his family. Will pray. And if someone informs me of the death of a woman who had beaten a smiling girl to death for a small mistake, I would have received a million fatwas of disbelief, a handful of Quranic verses and Hadiths. The prayer of forgiveness for this Muslim woman will not come from the heart ...

So the only question was, will I become a disbeliever by doing so? And should Muslims close the gates of heaven for me too?
If someone's answer is to call me a disbeliever, then I will still say that this deal is not expensive ... Leaving the matter of heaven and hell to the blessed and merciful being of Allah, we have something to make the world habitable for human beings. If they can do it and I get hell for it, then I want to.

I tried my best to stop him from saying such a thing. Threaten to call him a kaafir. But she persisted. I thought today there is a fire of anger inside him, leave him today, I will come tomorrow and explain again. If you don't understand, I will pray to bring him on the right path. I put this in front of one of my eminent Muslim friends. He advised me to stay away from him and advised me to stay in the company of such people. You will go by faith ... And if that happened, then there would be no one to read your forgiveness after death.

And I was wondering if all these people's prayers for forgiveness have so much power that they can blackmail anyone?

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