Rising of gender discrimination against men

(Sangeen khan, dargai malakand)

The ongoing femicide in pakistan has sparked an enormous outrage accross the country, where netizens are calling for swift justice from government. Artists, social activists and human right groups have denounced the recent cases of femicide in pakistan in strogest terms and call for swift action to be taken against the culprits involved in such a heinous crimes. However, did you people see such an enormous and gigantic outrage, while such a heinous crimes happend with men? I'm sure the answer will definitly NO! As for as i'm concern this is a gender discrimination started by social media, in which there is only advocacy for women and no one cares about the rights of a men. I can show you people a lot of examples of gruesome murders of men, however, no one raise his voice for them. The social activists, human right groups and particularly our beloved, social media stars haven't bothered. They all are merely promoting feminism from their respective plateforms.

Last week, an unknown assailants had killed an assistant director of peshawar development authority, dr junaid akber, who was an intellectual person and a scholar of PHD. Till now, no one has been bothered with his murder, no body has raised voice for him, despite his murder is a very big lose for the whole country. Moreover, people starts blaming the whole country while such an incidents happened with females. They start propagandas against pakistan, by saying that pakistan is not safe for women. According to international statistics, there are more cases of rapes and murders of women in western countries and united states than pakistan, however the problem is that, those cases have not been highlighting as compare to pakistan. Let me one thing clear to you people is that, murderer of Noor mukaddam( victim of he recent heinous crime in islamabad) is also a US citizen, means that, he had spent a lot of time in US, however he committed this gruesome murder, that had caused outcry and triggered people to blame the country for his unsafe and perilous environment for women.

Nevertheless, people in pakistan are merely talking about the rights of women, despite the men faces a lot of hurdles. It seems very pessimistic that "human rights" are general words used for both the rights man and woman, however, it has confined to the rights of women merely.

Furthermore, people starts vitriolic attacks on government functionaries. Undeniable, this is the responsibility of government to provide safe environment to its citizens, but upto certain limit. For instance, a couple of week ago, a man had killed his wife as well as injured his children with pistole. Now in this case government cannot provides full protection, however such type of incidents can be prevented through awareness and education. Moreover, provision of swift justice is the responsibility of government to prevent further emboldening of such type perilous crimes.

Nevertheless, Islam teaches us humanity, according to prophet Muhammad (SAW), "man is for woman and woman is for man". They both are two wheels of the society, dysfuntional of anyone will lead the society towards unstability.

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