Pakistan vs. New Zealand. New Zealand unilaterally called off the series

(Abdullah Mir, )

On 24th August, 2021. security consultant of various cricket boards including New Zealand and FICAReg Dickason visited Lahore, Pakistan to inspect security arrangements.After going through the arrangements he said he said he’s totally satisfied with the security measures and after that NZ cricket board scheduled their series with Pakistan which included 3ODIs and 5 t20i matches. ODIs were scheduled in Rawalpindi and t20i in Lahore. First set to begin on 17th September in Rawalpindi. People from Rawalpindi had bought tickets for the match, and were really excited because NZ team had arrived Pakistan after 18 years and they were happy to host them. On 17th September before the toss all of a sudden New Zealand cricket team and the staff said there’sa security threat to the team. At first the news was coming that the first match will be postponed but after a while everyone hears a sad and terrible news of New Zealand calling off the entire tour. Cricket fans in Pakistan got angry, sad, and broken because they were witnessing this after a long time and they couldn’t bear this. They were prepared with Pakistan flags, NZ flags, posters welcoming NZ team and what not. Just imagine what they have been through? Sri Lanka, West indies, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Bangladesh visited Pakistan and they were totally satisfied and comfortable with their tours and also told the world that pakistan is a totally safe land for all kind ofsports activities. After this news many cricketers around the world including Darren Sammy came forward in support of Pakistan and told that Pakistan is a safe country for everyone and many other cricketers showed disappointment that this shouldn’thave been done. Pakistan is a peaceful, kind and lovely nation. Enemies of our country have ruined our image infront of the world by spreading misleading information and baseless rumors. No matter what our enemies do, Pakistan is rising rapidly and a day will come the whole world will accept this truth.


Saith Abdullah Mir
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