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Section-172 (police Diary)

Police diary is very important document. Normally the police have been maintained diary which is called Roz-Namacha. The daily progress of the police station is essential to write in Police diary. It is the duty of the investigating officer (I.O) to be maintained police diary in daily routine. The police diary has been written U/s.172 CR.PC to update investigation of the crime. Police has bound to provide if court order to do so to consolidate trial proceeding. It is not allowed to see by agent or accused person or any party. Normally the procedure of the investigation or recording statement it must be write down in police diary.

The physical remand of the accused should endorse in police diary. If court order to remand of the accused then whole investigation should endorse in police diary. However, court can match the statements of the witness in this regard. In pursuance of trial proceeding the police can also bound to record witness statement U/s.161 code of criminal procedure. The police has bond by law to maintain each statements of accused in separate sheet. It is essential by the prosecution to prove his case beyond the shadow of doubt. If police merge any statement with accused or witness record it is difficult to find out solution. It is big mistake. Afterwards it is using against police and net result is become an issue. Normally, court adhere apes dixit formula to sort-out criminal cases.

The police bound to investigate any crime which is fall in cognizable offence. However, it is duty of the police to adhere rule of law and repent his ways. The pillar of the prosecution case is standing upon FIR and police diary and statement U/s.161 of witness. If any lacuna is finds by opposite counsel in initial enquiry then entire case of prosecution fall down in initial proceeding or with verdict of the court. The whole story of the prosecution should prove beyond the shadow of doubt. It is essential by police to corporate with prosecution and briefs his case before the date of hearing.

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