Traffic Issues In Hyderabad

(Sajid Ali, Hyderabad)

Own a vehicle has became the part of modern life and with the large number of vehicle consumption the problems of traffic is increasing day by day in almost all big cities in Pakistan, I will examine the issues related to traffic in Hyderabad. The increase in traffic also cause different types of issues like accidents and our roads are getting dangerous with the nonstop running life.

As per record collected by Pak-Wheels 43413 cars unit has been sold in Pakistan in the month of July and August 2021, Due to large number of vehicle consuming the problems of traffic is getting worse in the shape of accidents, wastage of precious man hours and because the price of patrol is at its peak so it is also cause the wastage of money because of traffic jam.

Despite of good roads in Hyderabad, Traffic jams and accident have become a routine problems in Hyderabad, while the most of the city’s roads are signal free. Traffic jam cause a lot of issues for the people who go to their jobs but they are unable to reach on accurate time, and for students who always reach late for their classes because of this unexplained traffic jam. Biggest reasons for this situation are violation of traffic laws and illegal parking on the roads, despite of all these issues, traffic wardens have failed to control this situation.

Traffic signals are best technique to control the traffic but in Hyderabad there are only few traffic signals and they also work very rare because of unscheduled power shutdown then traffic signal are manage by traffic warden but unfortunately, in most of the areas traffic wardens are not available on their duties so the vehicles moves on its own and its cause the traffic jams, sometimes despite of present of traffic wardens, they are unable to handle the traffic because they do not manage the traffic in terms of time, but move the vehicles depending upon the number of vehicle from one side and other side gets jam and one side gets turn after 10 to 12 minutes, however when traffic signals are in process each side move according to time pre-set for each side.

Population growth, migration of larger population from interior and north Sindh to Hyderabad and shortage of public transport are also the key causes of traffic issues. Shortage of public transport led to rise in usage of Rickshaws, cars and motorcycles.

Traffic police and Government must make the road condition better and make people to follow traffic laws better, Moreover; they should work for public transport to avoid the rush on roads.

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