(Khadija Aamir, Karachi)

Gender in equality is the cover name of a book where there are written sad stories of women sufferings .This heart striking miserable description start with the social suppression against them by keeping illiterate, gets embittered by treating them with disrespect ,goes worse with making the deprived of medical treatment, WOMEN are foundation of a home and pillar of society .unfortunately men have failed to change their attitude towards women .Thus ,gender equality is a myth because women are not equal to men in Pakistan.

Gender in equality is basically the discrimination between men and women .The United Nations declaration of human rights (UNDHR) under the article two (2) assets that everyone is entitled to all rights and freedom without distinction of any kind such as race, color, sex, language religion gender and national and social origin.
Similarly, the concept of gender equality in Pakistan is illiterate. In 17th goals of sustainable development provide by the UN, gender equality is the 5th goal to be achieved by 2030. Unfortunately. Pakistan is not on the path of achieving the goal because Pakistan ranks 151 out of 153. Thus, after the 73 years of independence. Women still suffer and gender equality remains myth here.

Additionally, the share in inheritance is not given to women to which they are entitled the teachings of Islam. In this male dominant society, it is difficult for a women to getter share in property .ALLAH has secured the inheritance rights of women in the SURAH-NISA. “Women inherits only half of the men”.

Concluding, it is necessary to empower women or will automatically empower the nation, blood has been spilled and tears –shared in order to achieve gender equality .In a nutshell ,the overall pictures seems increasingly black .. Someone has right said “of the rights that bleeding grow, the Here the most bruised is women”.Hence it is undebatable that gender equality is myth in Pakistan.

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