Every problem is an Adventure

(Kishwer Baqar, Karachi)
1. Every problem is an adventure

It is inevitable to avoid a problem, crisis or a bad time… in this material world even the best of the best has some kind of issue, may it be relationship crisis, financial issues, health issues or any kind of psychological issue. But one thing is fact that no one is immune from problems.
It is simply because this world is not a heaven. This is the earth. Heaven is supposedly free from problems and issues but not this earth.
Therefore, as long as we are here we need to deal with the problem to live life. And that’s why this book is written… about, how to live life?
The first lesson is that “Every problem is an Adventure”. You know, what an adventure is. An adventure is full of risks, dangerous situations, problems to be solved etc. And when a person wants to go into an adventure he likes those problems, risks and dangers and solve them and feel a feeling of success and achievement.
Same is the case with the problems of this world. Whatever issue arises, take it as an adventure, solve it, deal it and deep inside loves to handle it successfully. Finally, enjoy when the problem is over.

2. This too shall Pass…
Even if it is the happiest moment of your life, it will never remain still forever. It shall surely pass. No one can hold it or stop your happy days.
Similarly, bad times come and go. It never remains there forever. Any trauma, any crisis hits you… its effect fades away gradually. There had been serious traumas in my own life, e.g. the death of my father and the disastrous few years that followed came and then passed. That was one of the worst periods of my life.
It is said that there was a king who asked his courtiers to present him something that makes him sad when he is happy and happy when he is sad. A wise man wrote on a wall in front of his thrown
“This too shall pass...”
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