(Muhammad Rameez, Karachi)

Islamophobia is the fear of, hatred of, or prejudice against the religion of islam or muslim in general, especially when seen as a geopolitical force or a source of terrorism. Islamophobia is also described as negative sentiments or discrimination towards the individuals of islam. The scope and precise definition of the term islamophobia, including the relevance of race, is the subject of debate. The crusades in the beginning of 11th century promoting a view of the muslims as infidel and waving people. Coloniallism in the 15th century to 20th century racialized muslim people as “non white” and primitive and in need of civilizing .As a political force ; hostility or prejudice toward muslim. It is attested in English as early as 1923 to quote the fench word islamophobia , found in these published by alain quellien in 1910 to describe a “a prejudice against islam is widespread among the peoples of western.

Islamophobia is a malicious tree whose branches are in the west. But its trunk and roots in the east with muslim themselves watering it and caring for it. Islamophobia as Nusrat Ghani, the former British Conservation cabinet member, has reminded us again, is not without a racist basis. It is absolutely inseperable from its Crusader origins. It is also favourite tool with which the western populist right- wing seeks to differentiate itself electorally from the left, which is preoccupied with social issues.This rising Xenophobia ( dislike or prejudice against people from others countries or races). Has its roots in 9/11 attack that US and west termed it as an act of Islamic is considered as a threat to the western world and this fear to give rise to extremist hate for muslim across the globe. This hatred reached that level where muslims were ridicual, taunted perceived as terrorist.

Muslims, as members of minority communities in the west, grow up against a background of everyday Islamophobia. I suggest that the muslim self internalized in such as setting is denigrated, a problem usually grappled with durning adolescence when identity formation is the key developmental task. This European comparative report discusses the impact of Islamophobia on muslim women in the field of employment and hate crime. Some political discourses feed into these stereotypical views, in order to argue the lack of compatibility between some expressions of islam with European values. In most countries, muslim women are the main targets of islamophobia hate crime and speech, and violence, especially if they wear headscarf. For instance, in the Netherlands and france, respectively over 90% and 80% of the victims of islamophobia incidents are reported in 2015.

In conclusion wether we realize it or not, islamophobia has been present since long time by anti muslim and there are even their own organizations. After the 9/11 tragedy people became more hateful towards over community thinking that we are uncivilized and conservative. They should realize that our religion promotes peace and harmony.if outside world could accept islam and muslims the islamophobia issue can get resolved.

Muhammad Rameez
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