Most Favourite Nation?

(Ismat Usama, Lahore)

 On a wide international scenario, every nation is recognized by her own identity ,which comprised on its culture, history, language and ideology. The identity of Pakistan is' Islam", as Quaid e Azam had clearly elaborated that Muslims and Hindus were two different nations, how could they live together? We have a glorious history that is replete with incidents to guide us to the future policies. In past, the Muslim rulers in the region had served their masses without any discrimination but Hindus when they had gained power, in collaboration with Britishers, totally treated the Muslim minority in absolute biased manner, doors of education and employment had been closed to them, they had no freedom to offer their rituals, nor they could celebrate obligatory festivals like Eid ul Azha.After a long experience of living under subjugation of Hindus, Muslims had been compelled to struggle for an independent state, a land of Islam. For this liberty ,that had to pay their blood even. India had not accepted Pakistan ,so it attacked Pakistan in 1965.As a matter of fact, India has been working on an agenda to break Pakistan into small states. Can we forget that it was India whose military forces were fought as "Mukti Bahni" to Pak Army? It was India who separated Eastern Pakistan in 1971 ! ,who had occupied our Kashmir!(India had also snatched Junagarh, Munavdar and Hyderabad from Pakistan). After departure of the British, the share of the monetory assets were also not given to us.India has deprived Pakistan of its Rivers(Indus,Jehlum and Chenab).

Some people say, just forget the history and get a new start in bilateral relations. We see in reality, there is nothing new in this regard. India did not allow our cricketers to play in IPL. India is currently involved in fuelling insurgency in Balochistan, who has encircled Pakistan from Afghanistan and also increasing her military budget every year for no one else except us! India had never lost a chance for blaming Pakistan , a terrorist state. Henceforth , India and Pakistan may live as neighbors but not as partners or friends. Immediate measures are required to save our homeland from Indian conspiracies. History is a mirror and mirror never tells a lie. There is no need to give our nation a somnolent pill of trade ,at the cost of losing our identity and sovereignty ,in the name of "aman ki aasha" but need to understand India's" jang ki bhasha".

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India wants to grab Pakistan since beginning. our ruler do not consider National pride in front of their own benefits. throw them with their actions.
By: farhat tahir, karachi on Dec, 20 2011
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