If everything is determined in our fate, why did Allah send us down to earth for testing?

(Shakir Mumtaz, Karachi)

The question is very logical but unfortunately based on the misconception. It is a commonplace misconception that everything is pre-determined. Had that been the case there would have been no need of creation which is subjected to retribution. God sure do know everything but has not pre-destined as perceived. There is a difference in His knowing everything and having pre-determined everything. He being the Creator does know how a person would lead his life, what choices would he make etc. He, nevertheless, has endowed man with free-will to exercise his right of choice from the options available. It, therefore, can not be imagined that He is going against his own words/promise. (God forbid)

The man operates under two different kinds of creational realms. 1) Takweeni—-where there is no choice. which applies to things such as death, age etc. 2) Tashri’i—- being a believer or nonbeliever, to be selfless or selfish etc, In-animated bodies such as trees, mountains, stars etc normally operating under the first rule of creation.

Similarly, there are two kinds of order/decree issued by God. 1) final decree---which does not admit any change. Like death or an affliction etc. 2) decre—which may or do admit a change—such as an affliction may be changed to health due to the prayers, or the intervention of the angels; appointed for the protection of human beings.

This is confirmed in Qura’an in surah Al Nahal 16, V 36. “And among them were those whom Allah guided, and among them were those upon whom error was [deservedly] decreed” & also V 37 “[Even] if you should strive for their guidance, [O Muhammad], indeed, Allah does not guide those He sends astray, and they will have no helpers” Hopefully this explanation would suffice for correct understanding. Thanks

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