Aspects of Life

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)

Life is composite of issues and comforts. Issues teach and comforts leach – it means that due to issues new discoveries and inventions are made because if man had not faced issues no discoveries and inventions would have been surfaced. On the other hand comfort is a crop of man’s struggles and his capability to settle down issues also it filters. Life is valued because there is death and death is an integral part of life – one who remembers death and life after death leads his life according to the given instructions.

There are six core aspects of life that must be considered by each man and soul who comes into the world in order to have real success in both the worlds. They are:
i) Learning and Knowledge: Without knowledge and education, a man is not deserved to be lined up in the row of human beings as the basic distinction between man and animal is knowledge, education and comprehension of distinction between good and bad. Knowledge and education must be used in positive ways and for the betterment of human beings to have its true results. Moreover, true knowledge leads to Allah and man is satisfied in both ends – physically and mentally by way of prayers. Knowledge and Education teach a man how he can fulfill the rights of Allah and rights of His slaves. He grasps the instructions of Heavenly Books and tries his best to be upright. Each person who comes into the world must be educated through physical and spiritual ways in order to develop his physical, mental, social, financial, emotional, and spiritual qualities. With the development of these qualities man’s each deed and dealing would be according to the law of nature that makes him an upright man. An upright man tries his best to do justice in each matter and does not make any kind of dishonesty - he is not a slave of his spirit, consequently the man reaches to the climax and rules over the world.

ii) Serving: The 2nd aspect of life is “service” i.e. to serve the inner passion and to sever the outer. Inner service means to pay attention to purify his body and soul and in this way they would not be diluted with sins. Resultantly not only his spiritual knowledge, but also his worldly knowledge would enhance to the greatest extent that can be used to serve the people for the sake of Allah. To serve others for agreeing Allah has great essence, which gives a lot of satisfaction to the man.

iii) Maintaining of Health: It is difficult to get sound health, but much simpler to lose it. Construction of anything takes time, but destruction takes no time. It is a common phrase that health is wealth. To maintain health, it is necessary that man may lead his life in a disciplined way and should remain far from drugs and all other things that are injurious to health. He should take healthy food – do proper exercise – take sound sleep and above all, lead life within the boundary fixed by nature and law. It is saying of the Holy Quran: “All miseries which man faces are a consequence of his act and deeds but all blessings are through Allah”. It means that if a man leads his life according to the instruction of the Holy Prophet and Allah blessing bestows upon him and Allah grants him patient and thankfulness which are the core ingredients to get the help of Allah. Further the quoted phrase of the Holy Quran invites man’s attention to be pre-occupied over it.

iv) Patience: The fourth aspect of life is patience. The patience saves man from deeply stress over multiple woes, difficulties and hardships. Also, it saves man from other misfortunes. Further, due to the patience, he does not make complaints over woes and losses and faces them according to the instructions of Allah also analyzes his weaknesses. Moreover, the patience saves him from diabetes as one major cause of diabetes is to be stressed.

v) Thankfulness: Thank to Allah and Thank to man is a big quality of man that increases the blessings of Allah as well as scatters smile on the face of others. Also with this quality man refrains from pride. Man should adopt it in his daily life and seek the help of Allah through patience and thankfulness.
vi) Love and Relations: The sixth aspect of life is love and relations. To love dears and nears and keep relations intact is social, religious and moral responsibility of man. Love and keep relations intact make harmony in the society that in the long run create balance in outreach way.

A man must consider all above aspects of life during his living so that he could cope up deficiencies and lead his life according to the above aspects of life that would be beneficial not only for him but also for his dears and nears. It is a spiritual fact that the world is purely a temporary place and each man must be accountable, punishable and reward-able over his doings in the day after which according to the Holy Quran is extremely a horrible day.

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