Understanding Real Education

(Muhammad Ishaq, Drosh district Chitral)

Asalam U Aleikum.
Let me first of all say some words about what I consider what education is : "Education is an endeavor which leads us forth to (1) find, (2) realize, (3) actualize, and (4) develop our potentially present Human Resource in such a way that we become capable of utilizing our material and financial resources with maximum possible efficiency and effectiveness."
1. It is the process of facilitating the learning of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits,
2. The acquired part of education comes to us through; discussion, teaching, training and research,
3. There are two main sources of getting education; observation and experimentation,
4. Education takes place when there is interaction between an educator and a learner, and where the educator is always available for required guidance.
Let me explain some of the terms used in the above definition:
Endeavor: A planned struggle to do some thing with a clear mind and with a clear purpose,
Realize: It means that to understand, our self, our strong & weak points, our good & bad natural and acquired personality traits,
Actualize: It means to make up mind for doing, then planning to do, ultimately implement, in the light of constrains,
Develop: It means to pursue ways and means of Capacity Building for future in the light of past,
Human Resources: The skills and competencies we inherit or acquire that are capable of doing some specific tasks meant for us for making individual and collective efforts a success,
Utilize: It means to use some thing positively for benefit, individual and/or collective, and where net result of the use is beneficial for us as well as for the society as a whole,
Efficiency: It means minimum wastage of resources of all kinds,
Effectiveness: It means that as much as possible, the things should be targeted towards what we have already set.
Now let us turn to aims, goals, objectives, and targets of education:
Aims: These are the broadest in nature and set for over all. Here we want to try to fulfill all individual and social needs & desires. They may be physical, mental. spiritual, moral, social or global in nature,
Goals: Goals come under aims. An aims can be subdivided in different goals. In the context of education by goals we mean to equip the learner with (1) Knowledge, (2) Skills, (3) Understanding and (4) Attitudes in such a way that he can play an effective role in this 21st century for the accomplishment of aim of education,
Objectives: These are basically the subdivision of goal. They can be elaborated as; (1) to conceptualize the academic learning achievements, (2) to enable the learner to express himself orally, in writing and at work, those learning achievements, (3) to enable the learner to do individually and also as part of a team,
Targets: These are the ultimate subdivision. and now we are ready for implementation. If we achieve targets, we achieve objective; If we achieve objectives, we achieve goal; If we achieve goals, we achieve the aim.

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