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First of all Eid Mubarak to all my near & dear ones, friends and fans on the occasion of Eidul Azha 2016. One of the four most important pillars of Islam i.e. Haj is performed by millions of Muslims from all over the world.

Also, millions of animals including camel, cow, goat, sheep and yak are sacrificed according to affordability as there are conditions, rules, principles, duties and responsibilities but absolutely no compulsion in Islam. The duties and responsibilities could best be described in short as follows: Worship God and serve humanity in reality.

The same applies for Christianityand Judaism as well. It is a matter of understanding only which has been cunningly messed by distortion, confusion and misunderstanding.

WISE & VICE PEOPLE:In order to become wise and nice, read the books with open eyes and proper understanding so that all including self, family, relatives, friends, community, society, system, country and humanity could benefit by the knowledge, skills and experiences gained and overall contribution made.

It is the good, positive and constructive contribution which matter the most otherwise anyone canobtain degree, diploma and certificate to become and be called educated.

Like myloving, caring, sensible and responsible mother having good nature and character and millions of other such people and parents who despite being less educated or uneducated did or do their best through proper understanding, sensibility, responsibility, sleepless nights and great efforts and hardships to make ushighly educated, responsible and a good human being. This is one of the best contributions they made or make along with worship of God. They deserve to be recognized, respected and saluted. They are the best ideals.

Those considering them illiterates and keep insulting them are the most unfortunate ones and worst creatures on earth.I have seen at various places many parents and seniors crying and complaining. They were humiliated, insulted and thrown out or treated as servants. Their woeful tales can cause heart attacks.

In order to become vice just don’t remain niceand become friend of the devil and follow him i.e. become committed enemy of the mankind, keep people away from good and God and hurt, harm and kill them.

GOOD COMPANY: When I say that I don’t deserve to be called a Muslim, lover, follower and believer of God the basis is: During 24 hours of each day, do I really worship God and serve humanity in reality? It is a very simple self-accountability and analysis to judge your character, words, deeds, actions and contributions.

This mirror of conscience is always with us to show us our true face. The reality is that we deliberately avoid the mirror of truth and as a result are trapped by the whispers of the devil and cunningness of his followers and friends.

This is why it is said that a person is known and judged by the company he keeps. This is why it is extremely important to have a good company and friends.
Since childhood, I saw the good company and friends of my father. They were few but very close and family friends. The families of each other used to meet and greet each other almost every week in the shape of get together, lunch, dinner, picnic and party at home and at various tourist spots.

Such company and friends protected us from isolation, depression and frustration. We all lived and met like onefamily. Even today the children and grandchildren of his friends are our friends. This is the beauty of such relationship and company.

FOOTSTEPS:Following the footsteps of my parents, I too emphasize on having good company and family friends, particularly when living abroad. Why good company and family friends when living abroad are very important? I will tell you my own experiences.

After the 1965 Indo-Pak war when diplomatic relations broke with Malaysia, my father went to Singapore and served in the Pakistan Trade Commission there.
My mother could not adjust herself there and started missing her parents and siblings very much.She suffered from homesickness and became hysterical and critically ill. She could not even recognize us and was bed-ridden. We were all very much disturbed and extremely worried.

Except us, there was none to understand, help and support her in reality as a friend or family member. As her condition worsened, the doctors advised us to send her back to Pakistan.

She was sent back to Pakistan and within six months there she fully recovered and became normal and healthy. This shows how much important are family, company and friends and how much they matter. Now she is over 85 years but very much active, healthy and happily living in Chicago, US. All the family members, particularly my eldest brother, take great care of her.

I can never forget that bad experience and the hard time faced. For over nearly two years, I lived in Singapore with my eldest brother and father. There we learnt a lot including how to take care of ourselves alone, cook food andtake care of the house and study. This was a good experience for us. I got first position there.
This lesson helped me greatly when my father passed away in 1973. I suddenly became very strong and immediately took charge of the house, mother and siblings and assured them that together we can manage things and face the challenges.

Also, I can never forget thatcrucial moment,the painful testing time and theway my mother looked at me and asked the difficult questioned: “Son, what will happen now and how will we face the crisis and challenges?” The tragedy shook her badly and stunned her. With tears rolling from her red eyes, she kept weeping silently. Every drop of tear had a message and enough to tear the hearts.

Realizing the situation and condition, I hugged her tightly and said: “Look at me, I assure you everything will be fine. God is and good people are with us. Exactly this is what happened. God and good friends helped and supported us to become what we are today.God’s blessings and the moral support and good company were a great source of strength, encouragement and happiness for us.

Like all others, we too faced problems butnever faced depression or disappointment. Wedepended on God, always remained thankful to Him and lived and progressed happily. Even today we follow the same way---Love, help and support each otherand all others,which gives us great happiness and satisfaction and which we consider as one of the greatest blessings of God.

Canada and people strongly believe in family reunion. In order to make Canada and families better and stronger, Canada must consider this factor seriously to allow sponsorship of siblings. It will help greatly towards progress and prosperity of Canada and communities. This is a food for thought for the rulers, leaders, policymakers and all people.

This will be in the best interest of Canada and people of all communities.This is why it is important for all of us to join heads and hands and unite on a common platform to live &work together for stronger family reunion and stronger Canada and all Canadians. Positive thinking and practical approach is needed to help, support and serve all people and families to adjust properly and become strong in reality.

I migrated to Canada in 1999 and fortunately since then greatly enjoying the company of good Canadians and community people and the best facilities, benefits and opportunities provided by Canada. I said fortunately because there are many people who unfortunately various problems and hardships including most importantly family reunion absence of sponsorship of siblings. This sponsorship would greatly help keep families united, strong and happy. Their contribution will help in the progress and prosperity of Canada.

I visited along with my family and friends many beautiful touristic places in Canada including Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia and Alberta provinces.

Shahid Hashmi of Canpak Chamber of Commerce, his spouse Seema Hashmi & family played an important role in visiting many places in US & Canada and introducing good friends. They deserve credit for promoting good relationship and building bridges.

Apart from their other interests, they get satisfaction in doing this---serving the community by united all people, communities and families. Although I disapprove and strongly disagree with him on certain issues and his views but still I cherish the good relationship.

As founder of SHIR Inter Network, my mission & vision is to Serve Humanity In Reality (SHIR), it is also my job to protect all people, particularly the innocent and helpless ones, from clutches and cunningness of the mafia and the committed enemies of mankind. Whether I succeed or not, it is my duty and responsibility and I will keep doing it. God is always there to support me and my mission.

My job is also to protect the Muslim communityfrom the nefarious designs of the dangerous lobby operating in two forms Pro-Mullah and Anti-Mullah. The objective of both is the same---Misguide the people by creating confusion, division, distraction and ultimately causing maximum damage and destruction. People take me wrong that I am against overall Mullahs. I like and respect the good Mullahs. They are an important part of the family and society and my SHIR mission and vision. My war is against the Cut-Mullahs, corrupts and crooks.

EID SACRIFICE:For the first since 1999, I along with my friends and their families went outside Toronto for sacrificing animals. The company group leader was again Shahid Hashmi and Seema Hashmi.

Others included Syed Muhammad Iqbal, President of Pak Seniors Forum, Hameeduddin, Muhammad Arshad of ARCO Computers and his wifeRubina Arshad, Tariq Durrani and his wife Huma Tariq, Sarosh Riaz, her daughter Farzeen and her husband Faraz Islam.

We went in two cars to Dumbriar Farm,located at RR#2 Conn, Ontario, N0G 1N0, almost three-hour drive from Toronto. It was an enjoyable drive with Hameeduddin beautiful narration in pure Hyderabadi style about his experiences of living and driving challenges in Saudi Arabia and visit of his uncle from Karachi, Pakistan, to Hyderabad Deccan, India.

The story of Mamu Bhanja (Uncle &nephew) was very interesting and worth listening and non-stop laughing. Tariq Durrani sang in his beautiful voice old Hindi hits. Seema Hashmi’s Kabab rolls and tea provided great taste and relief.

At the Dumbriar Farm, Mr Clair, the owner, who is a close friend of Shahid Hashmi, was waiting anxiously for us as we reached late. He welcomed us all warmly, showed us the lambs, discussed the deal and details and then took us to the Holstock slaughter, about forty-minute drive from his farm.

At Holstock, since we were late the person who was supposed to slaughter left after his time was up. Luckily, Tariq Durrani stepped forward and agreed to do the job. Within fifteen minutes, he slaughtered by hand in Halal way all twelve lambs. So sophisticated and quick was the process. Out of the twelve lams, eight belong to Hameeduddin and his two sisters. The rest others included Tariq Durrani and Muhammad Arshad.

PICNIC: It was a very good picnic& sacrifice experience there. On the way back home, we stopped at Angels Diner, family restaurant, located 33Broadway Avenue in Orangeville, Ontario. There we enjoyed very delicious fish & chips, tea, coffee, ice cream, apple pie and cake.

Thetrip and adventure from morning till midnight was wonderful, exciting and memorable. The credit goes to Shahid Hashmi, who jokingly says that he is not interested in credit but cash.

Although I was sick and in great pain that day but the good trip, company and friends made me feel fully well and healthy. This is the magic and outcome of good relationship and togetherness.Let’s respect, like and love each other and live and work together.

The Canadian rulers, policymakers and all leaders must realize the importance and think seriously in the best interest of all families, communities, people and Canada. Policy changes could be and should be made according to the needs of the time. Failure to understand would only harm Canada and Canadians.

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