(Manahil Eman, karachi)

Now days, no I donot call now days before independence India is our big enemy and attact time by time but now they openly show their hate to Pakistan ,they almostly show their hate openly if we understand.And I think that real reason is that we are muslims.For all attacts they simply blamed Pakistan without any proof they find their ways that how to blame Pakistani people and now for this they banned Pakistani artist.But I donot know that how we Pakistani people are that we donot removed their love from our heart and continouslly showing love to Indians I donot know why?? And after and after we go India for work in films. We watch Indians movies,cartoons,listen song and say we are with KASHMIR ,we are not frightened with indian etc etc.I actually donot understand people double mind standard that what is this people??Now its to time to wakeup but we are still sleeping.The Pakistani artist which are working in India now stop their working in India,work on our country and progress it! They simply go India for fame and money that Pakistan industry of film is not like that but if we work on it then it highly progress. The other one sight story is that ,the other country people or even Pakistani people artist said that both country join hand for friendship and make peace for both country .It is proof that Pakistani always act Indians like friends and show kindness but Indians donot do this.They are simply our enemy and they show it continously .So how does they become friend??And on other hand people fight on facebook,twiter and or many apps to Indians,but in other hand they fellow Indian actors on instagram, twitter,watch Indians movies,drama's and their songs,even Pakistani artist do that,and then last they say that they are true Pakistani and show their love to KASHMIR.So what is this double mind act??. Some Pakistani people or artist said that we find so much love in India but their are some people, maximum people are haters and jealous with Pakistani people and artist in their heart,and the open e.g is SAIF ALI KHAN. Now its time to all Pakistani that open their eyes and recognize their enemy which kill muslims to their back and on front they show that they are good friends.Please I have requested to all muslims,Pakistani that open your eyes .In Quran ALLAH also said that donot give the hands for friendship towards non muslim,because they are enemy of ALLAH and also hurt you But also said that if they are good with you so you also good with them,but they are not good with us,and you see that how they good with us.....If I said that they are snake so it is not wrong.THINK ABOUT IT...!!

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