Cordial tribute to my Parents

(Abdul Rehman Mir, Islamabad)

Verily, parents are the blessings from the heaven whoever play parental role in one’s career is indeed sees Allah’s bounteous tidings in disguise. I pay my heartiest tribute to my father who looked after me for I couldn’t find any word to express my feelings and emotions. He always cared me like his own heart and never left me alone. I pay greatest tribute to my beloved mother who always prayed me and inspired me every morning when I would hear her melodious recitation of the Holy Quran on my pillow. She was the first to show me the real essence of the blessings of the Holy Quran whenever I would sit near her listening to her inspiring words. She would always advise me to forebear every hardship and unpleasant circumstances in life.

Allah may pour down all every bounties upon you my dear parents, you faced every hardship of life to build my career. My parents would always leave home for the mountainous fields before you get up and would come back after we went to bed. Heavy rain, scorching weather and coldest spells never could impede their ways. I would not be able to thank you dear parents, for you did everything for me. You nurtured me by all possible ways to flourish my life and sent me far away from the native valley which seemed impossible for an ordinary people. You saved every penny and spent on my education. I stayed away from home and you supported me morally, financially and spiritually. You insisted me never come back without completion of my studies as your determination was at the highest peak. You had hope against hope regarding my career and never left me alone. You bore hunger tenderly and welcomed every difficulties of life just to help me.

I pay my humble and sincere gratitude to my dear parents for supporting and nourishing me to build a very noble career. I promise my dear parents, I will always advise all my students to obey and fulfil the expectations of their parents as they face every hardship of life just for their children. I will teach my students to cultivate humbleness, trustworthiness, sincerity, honesty, sympathy, modesty, love, affection in their heart and mind brotherhood. Dear Mama, I will always suggest my students to sit near their mothers either to recite or listen Holy Quran near their mothers. Dear mother, I will always opine my students to forgive others as you used to assert me to forgive.

My dear parents, forgive me! If I could not accomplish your expectations. O’ Allah bestow my parents, health and strength, prosperity and dignity. O’ Allah enable me to fulfill all their wishes and desires. O’ Allah bless upon my parents enlighten their life with your bounties and benedictions. Ameen

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