Social Development for Pakistani Scenario

(Muhammad Ishaq, Lakimarwat)

Assalam u aleikum.
I will never claim that according to popular cannons of defining a society we are nation, My admission in this regard is due to the ground realities spread around us here in motherland of Pures. We are facing almost every problem present the sky. Counting problems will be a waste of time.

It is however my claim that is solution to every problem under the sky, may that we are not aware of the solution. A minimum base for becoming a Pakistani can be devised; (1) we are living in one country, (2) This country is recognized through out the world, (3) we all human being, (4) we all want to go ahead (some may use shortcuts!), (5) we all want to have protection for us(some protections may not be justifiable), etc., etc. We can say that in some way or the other we can come on one table.

Now we will to represent us, is a question. A simple reply to this can be; "A democratic representative". Democracy in our country has many problem, I know but I think it is the only feasible option. We have to go through the process because reaching a fruitful minimum takes a great time. Had we been a patient nation we would have been considerable ahead as against our present level. But it is never too late. I am hopeful that democracy is reasonably on track in our country.

Coming to the actual point; social development, like all other kinks of developments is a dynamic and a continuous process. As and whenever we interact in any way, social development takes place. Our social development regime is however haphazard, uneven, sometimes troublesome, Its total output, if measured through statistical tools, is not always maximum. It, too, is not justly distributed over the society. There are many injustices, for individual, groups, areas, etc. But I think, you may not agree with as I think, that the graph of establishing democratic culture is on the rise.

We not need to develop and promote the concept of Civil Society. That, too, is being done in different parts of the country but need to increase efforts in this regard.

Involving important stake holders effectively can increase our speed to a great extent. The most important stake holders are (1) people's representatives, (2) teachers, (3) ulema, (4) doctors, (5) lawyers, etc. Schools can be made centers of interaction of these stake holders.

InshAllah sooner or later such efforts come clear fruit bearing undertakings.

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