Man VS Woman

(Maryam Misbah, Karachi)

People say "Woman can never be equal to a man", of course it can't ever be happened because God Himself has created a difference.. Who is even asking for equality? I don't ask for Equality between Man & Woman but I ask for "Justice", don't misinterpret between them of course there is a difference... There shouldn't be Equality(Barabri) but there should be at least Justice (Insaaf)..Lemme clear it through some examples : After spending a whole day in school and tuitions, mothers call their daughters to help her in kitchen while brothers just spend time in playing.. Why? Both are of same age group, both have spent equal time in school n tution, both are equally tired... Then y not mothers let the girls to play? And y don't ever ask her son to work or help? Okay , In middle class there is a concept to not to send their daughters to get educated in universities, but boys are forced to take admission there, why? Isn't education equally important for both? Another great example, boys are allowed to marry a girl of their choice but girls aren't, boys can propose a girl but girls can never propose a boy, that's a tradition of our so called society, why? Don't u know that Ami Khadija (R.A.) sent proposal for our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H.) Herself? Then? Are u greater or better than them? A guy's sins can be neglected but a girl's sin can never be forgotten, it stays with her till her grave.. Why? Isn't it injustice and double standards?? Girl is always told to tolerate even if she isn't wrong but guys are never told to.. Why?? Guys can even flirt with any girl but girl isn't allowed to talk to a guy even if its really needed... Again why? Girls are always told "agley ghar jao g to kya karo g?" But guys are never told "Agli ko lao gey to kya karo gey?" Girls are always taught to follow her men's choices even if its her younger brother , father, husband or son, but guys are never told to take care of girl's choices too...

if a family faces crisis, in such situation they still keep depending on their man's income and don't let the girls to earn and contribute something, okay i don't ask to send her out of home for job but atleast u can support her in doing jobs sitting at home like giving tutions or some online job,but u really don't, what's the thinking behind? even if u allow them then u and your society don't actually accept it by heart and don't give her that respect which she deserves.. is it your complex or your sense of superiority? A man is allowed to keep four wives at a time as permissible by God but if a girl gets divorced or become widowed y there is no concept of her 2nd marriage, even if she gets married for the second time u taunt her, blame her, I mean why???

In our society a girl is always supposed to serve everyone, first she serves her father then brother then husband and his family and when comes the turn of her own kids her own family, she gets too tired and frustrated that she can't serve them well she can't give them that training which is actually needed... don't u think that's also agreat cause of an evil and disturbed society?

A great topic which can't be covered even through a river of words, still I tried to highlight some... If u really want a good society and really a broad minded person then give your women a peace of mind andsome freedom,take her opinion also as important when taking important decisions, let them actually feel like a queen don't always try to impose your orders on her thinking her as your property, she is not a property she is a girl respect her and care for her. think for a while is your concept of Justice between Man & woman is really clear or you have a mindset of equality between them, which is actually impossible...?

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