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There is no doubt and those having some concern with Allama Iqbal definitely know that idea of this Beloved Country was conceived by Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal. Quaid –i- Azam strived hard to put the Idea into physical manifestation. The united opposition of Non Muslims and some Muslims (having own logic), coupled with strong wish of the British rulers (to transfer united India to Hindus) scuumbed to the sincere efforts of the Quaid. Resultantly the sacrifices (the biggest migration in human history and the greatest numbers of martyrs, killed, drowned, and died of hunger, diseses for attainment of freedom) by our elders under able guidance of Quaid bore fruit. The best piece of land on our Globe was bestowed to us by Allah Almighty in the name of Islam - the Code of Life spelled out in the Qura'n to be followed in every sphere of life. All activities of the society and affairs of the State to be conducted accordingly.

Since the inception of Pakistan and much before that the Congress leadership was sure that Pakistan, being economically unviable, would request within six months, for amulgamation with Bharat. The dream did not materialize. Simulatneous efforts were directed by Congress Government to create maximum problems for the newly born State. There is a long list of measures by Bharat to destabilize Pakistan. Naked aggression in 1965 brought humiliation to Bharat (with more than 5 times bigger army and 10 times resources) as she failed to achieve any military gain worth the name. Anyhow Bharat continued her efforts vehemently to create problems in various fields, at various forums. Her main target was to erode the Two Nation Theory and Ideology of Pakistan- the basis for creation of the new country.

Teaching institutions - a grooming place for character, ideas and nationalist feelings in youth could be the ideal places. It was through the teachers and prominent persons in Education institutions that the youth was targeted. In former East Pakistan we remained totally ignorant of the activities of Hindu teaching staff and educationists who kept poisoning minds of youth against Ideology of Pakistan, Two Nation Theory and former West Pakistanis. Her strategy had worked well in the seperation of former East Pakistan. They achieved the objective.

If we critically examine the syllabi, the contents of question papers, the functions held, days observed in these Educational institutions and mindset of policy makers / principals / heads / teaching staff we will be astonished to note that in many institutions the anti Islam and anti Pakistan forces have made meaningful headway in the spread of Liberalism, Secularism, Vulgarity, Anti Isalam/Pakistan feelings. They target the norms, value of our society and are bent upon to ruin the family unit. They directly and indirectly promote alien especially Indian culture.

Allama Iqbal Open University is named after Hakim - ul - Ummat, the Poet of the East, Mufakkar i - Islam and the Creator of Nazria - i - Pakistan. This was done to pay rich homage to Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal. The Pakistani Nation rightly expects that the Teacher of the esteemed University will be doing their utmost to mould the raw minds into well groomed/mannered personalities, with exceptional character traits and above all true Muslims and patriot Pakistanis to shoulder any resposnsibility. Look at the courage of the Setter of English Paper and Rasool Buksh Behram, Regional Director of the University. The Compulsory question: Write about your siter covering following aspects of her personality:
1. Age,
2. Height,
3. Physique (Dictionary meaning: body, built, figure, frame, anatomy, constitution, shape, form etc),
4. Look,
5. Attitude

Rasool Bukhsh Behram, Regional Director of the University instead of accepting his fault, tried to setting of such stupid Compusory question in the Annual Examination. Alas! his age, knowledge, brought up in Muslim / Pakistani society and the post held in Allama Iqbal Open University could not guide him that such questions, being against dictates of any religion, norms of society and culture, are never asked even verbally. Needless to mention that there are many pseudo writers, thinkers and educationists who remain busy in polluting and poisoning the minds of simple Pakistanis, especially the Youth in colleges and universities. They have a mindset and are paid heavily by enemies of Islam and Pakistan. Indra Ghandi, after Fall of Dhaka had said “We have drowned the Two Nation Theory in the Indian Ocean.” She knew that the Hindu teachers in educational institutions in former East Pakistan had delivered the goods. And then after some time Sonia Ghandi said “Now we need not attack Pakistan. We will conquer her through Cultural Invasion.”

In view of her achievements in Former East Pakistan, Bharat, in addition to investing in other fields and activities, has concentrated particularly on two important opinion makers of Pakistani society i.e. Media and Education.

The said invasion, since long is in full swing; coming through Media, and educational institutional. We are sleeping and have given them full liberty to come in a big way. It is pity that no effective measures are taken by Federal Government, Education Ministry, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Information and authorities like PEMRA. Even Supreme Court of Pakistan and other Institutions supposed to guard the basis of our existence as country, are dormant. This provides great encouragement to people like Rasool Bukhsh Behram. But I am hopeful that this “Wilfull” act will not go unnoticed by the concerned authorities. I am sure: “No Apology but stern and immediate action” will help up-rooting this menace from educational institutions to great extent.

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