Contribution of education through human values

(uzma janjua, Islamabad)

Education through Human Values

Our approach to values education is to train students to think about values on their own to train them in the process of valuing and thinking .when we set before children the task of comparing two or more entities, the thinking process is initiated in acquiring facts about similarity and differences .this is the step towards weighing similarities and differences in preparation for the step of choosing involves values. (Louise, E.RATHS, University of Massachusetts).True education lies in bringing forth the human values in man, thus allowing the blossoming of his personality. NCERT, during January 1979, suggested the 84 values in extensive, which are enumerated under here:
Assistance, Appreciation of cultural values of others, Anti-untouchability,
Cause, Citizenship, Consideration for others, Concern for others, Co-operation, Cleanliness,
Compassion, Common cause, Courage, Courtesy, Curiosity,
Democratic decision making, Devotion, Dignity of individual, Dignity of manual work, Duty, Discipline,
Empathy, Endurance, Equality,
Friendship, Faithfulness, Fellow-feeling, Freedom, Forward look,
Good manners, Gentlemanliness, Gratitude,
Honesty, Helpfulness, Humanism, Hygienic living,
Initiative, Integrity,
Kindness, Kindness to animals,
Loyalty to duty, Leadership
National duty, National consciousness, Non-violence, National integration,
Peace, Proper utilization of time, Punctuality, Patriotism, Purity,
Quest for knowledge,
Resource fullness, Regularity, Respect for others, Reverence for old age,
Sincerity, Simple living, Social justice, Self-discipline, Self-help, Self-respect, Self-support,
Self-confidence, Self-study, Self-reliance, Self-control, Self-restraint. Social service, Solidarity of making, Sense of social responsibility, Sense of discrimination between good and bad
Socialism, Sympathy, Secularism and respect for all religions, Spirit of enquiry,
Team work, Team spirit, Truthfulness, Tolerance,
Universal truth, Universal love,
Values for national and civic property

Modern education does not transform these values to the individual ,it merely inform and very often deforms the minds of youth .these values belong essentially to man no other creature .when we refer to “ Man “ we men a creature with a human body ,mind ,an intellect and spirit .

When we say “I am, I do, I think, I want etc. Let us ask ourselves “who is this I. the answer is simple I am I beyond words and beyond oral expression. I exist, I am the truth. Only the experience of this truth will give me the ultimate answer. Truth put in to practice is the right action .it is only through such an action that the energy of love can manifest itself .within man we define it as “conscience “as compassion, tolerance, in other words “altruism” it is an all expansive energy that projects through the various aspects of human personality .such light illuminates the way of life .it is the same energy that sustains the entire universe and pervades creation.
“Amor Che muove il sole ele alter stele “
Love that makes the sun and all the stars move
Dante Alighieri

When this love reaches the mountains top from which one can perceive the infinite horizon of the human heart ,then the identification with all creation,the feeling of perfect unity will annihilate the limits contained in the “ I “ and the “ Mine “ and take us to the “we” the step to universal love ,to the last value ,the destination ,the truth that is beyond any expression

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