Security - visible v/s invisible

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)

Security is the need of the day as it realizes people to tranquility, satisfaction and relief that leads to productivity resultantly a country is flourishing. The people of Pakistan do not feel themselves secure due to extremist activities which have engulfed the country. Casualty and catastrophes have been a routine matter in Pakistan but now the situation is getting better due to the army operation against extremist in all over the country. It is fact that on account of impartial army operation against terrorist, extremist and extortionist the social, commercial and political activities are growing in all over the country. People feel themselves safe and sound while coming late at night.

Security can further be improved on outreach level when along with visible security the circle of invisible security may be spread in all over the country. No area, whether it is commercial or non-commercial, corporate sector or non-corporate sector, political or non-political, social or non-social they must be covered under invisible security measures. Invisible security is the security where security is not seen, but security is existed and when any culprit commits any crime he at once is arrested by invisible guards.

All schools, madarsas, colleges and universities of the country must also be covered under invisible security measures. If a net of invisible security measures is laid down robustly in all over the country an assurance can be given that security condition in Pakistan would be extremely better that will lead to boost not only productivity but also productions in all over the country.

When peace and tranquility is fully restored productivity and production will enhance - Pakistan would be welfare Islamic State and soon rule over the world as where is “hold” there is “gold”.

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