Aircraft Casualities - Causes and Survival

(Noshin Bashir, Karachi)

Flying in the air feels like flying of birds in the air. However birds don't experience so much difficulty in landing and takeoff as percepted by planes and other flight gadgets. Man has learnt to fly in the air and investigations of the air-borne accidents has brought much awareness to opt for right steps while landing, flying in the air or touching the ground.

Experts consults the the possible causes of certainly reported plane crash. But what is experienced just after striking the water or ground? It is blooms of smoke and fire accompanied by the great thrust. The high speeds don't let the people inside the craft to remain calm and the speed usually end up into a mystery. Just look at the most recent air borne accidents which includes Flight MH370, PK661, Colombian flight taking Chapecoense, Airblue and several military aircrafts who met the same fate.

If the speed factor of the aircrafts have been compromised then the possible impact of striking the ground can be greatly reduced. People onboard hardly survive the impact and bodies if remained, burned to ashes.

As the birds can glide in the air the planes should do the same when pilot lost control of the aircraft.

The fuel sections must retire before major thrust.

It is OK if plane dont strike the ground after loss of fuel or structural damage, the potential air lifting arrangements should be implemented.

In moving against the gravity some potential force is needed to avoid the push over the ground.

Flipping of wings must be another option to remain airborne after tragedy.

Landing of plane at 90 degee angle can be practised after the speed factor is compromised.

As lifeboats in case of waterborne accidents facilitate the survivors, on the similar grounds the lifeplanes can survive the air-travellors.

Striking the mountains, perhaps, the most veered experience during flight operations. As birds keeps them in the air while feeding the nectar, there must be some sort of flipping arrangement just before striking the mountains and for this purpose artificial intelligence can work for early detection and timely actions.

Drone technology must help to save the life instead of hitting the people on ground.

Drones can serve as lifeplanes, operating automatically in case of emergency without waiting for the pilot showing his response to an emergency.

The refuelling of planes is another challenging situation during flight operations. There exists many refuelling methods from wing-to-wing refuelling, hose-and-drogue refuelling to simple grabbling. Many of them have compatibility issues but thing that can be changed is that instead of approaching the hose to the wingtip of the plane to be refuelled, simple encounter of the hoses will likely to reduce the after affects.

Aviation, is no doubt, is a great experience but there remains a need for a change to come up better off.

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