Youngster and Mobile Phone

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)

Excessive of anything is harmful either it is much useful for health. If a man eats much and much he might be ill or his stomach may spoil. To keep health on a sustainable basis, nutritionists advocate of a balanced diet. Balancing is necessary to keep the thing upright otherwise negatively impacts coming into the picture.

The present age is rightly said to an era of globalization, i.e., universally integration and development that has badly affected the individual cultural identities. Due to excessive use of smart phones / mobile phones, the youngsters have no time to speak or sit with their family members. All the time smart phones are seen in their hands spending their time on talking, gaming, browsing, seeing, viewing SMS and sending SMS. Even during eating and drinking, they use mobile phones that hurt their domestic life. They are agonized by themselves also they tease their parents with excess use of mobile. They must be known that excessive use of Cell Phone is harmful for their health and wealth as soft injurious rays emanate from cell phones when any call or SMS is received or sent.

It is established fact that due to excessive use of mobile phone the youngsters have become narcissistic as they do not know about their environment, about their family members, about their neighbors and about their dears and nears. It cannot be denied that creation of mobile phones is a great invention as they facilitate to prompt and each-place talking as well as to know the whereabouts of dears and nears. Mobile phones would be proved a blessing if they are used in a blessing way. All youngsters are advised to please keep harmony in using mobile phones as balancing is all time blessing because if a study is made about universe, it has come into the picture that extreme balancing is kept in the running of heavenly aspects. Also, the prophet of Islam has instructed all Muslims to adopt moderateness in each wheel and deal to have the blessing of Allah.

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