Use of the Tongue - Moral / De-moral

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)

The Tongue is three to four inch piece of meat granted by Allah to speak or to preach as well as to taste. This small piece of meat has great importance as it can win the hearts or can break the hearts. Condescension and moral depends upon the tongue – if it is used in ethical manner it builds up the character of a man on the other end if it is used in rude, the negative and pessimistic way it kills the character and gets fall the man in the hell.
The Islam has much stressed over moral attitude and according to the Islam a man cannot become perfect if his moral attitude and behavior is negative and harmful. All life time prayers of a man cannot give him positive consequence if his moral and character is not beneficial and upright. A Hadith can be quoted in this reference:
“The best man amongst you, is the man whose character and moral is the best”

The forty years the life of the holy prophet led by Makah, robustly demonstrated the true character of the Holy Prophet. He led his life with full of character, even disbelievers and his vital enemy could not dare to finger out the character of the Holy Prophet. They did not embrace to Islam only to save their ego, power and lands otherwise they also realized that Islam was a true religion and Hazrat Muhammad (s) was a true prophet.

When a deeply analysis over the causes of the killings, disgusting, breaking of relations and disloyalty is made, it is proved that the major cause of all the foregoing elements is only one, i.e., negative, disgusting and unethical use of the tongue that badly hurts a man. If a man wants to have the acquiescence / assent of Allah, he must to keep his tongue in control. He must be understood that this small piece of meat can lead to him towards Heaven or Hell – it depends upon a man how he uses his tongue – in negative way or in positive way. If he uses his tongue in a smooth way by observing the true character of the Prophet, not only his domestic life would be comfortable but also his doomsday life would be risk-free. May Allah protect us and give courage in using the tongue positively so that the blessings of Allah could bestow upon us – not only in the world but also in the day-after. Ameen.

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