Amazing facts of Saudi Arabian Culture

(afshan, buraidah, al qassim region, ksa)

Saudi Arabia is well known muslim country in the worls. there are many amazing facts of its culture.

1. Dates are like national fruits of Saudi Arabia. even it can be served in the breakfast. you will find the dates even in the tray of Hospital patient's Breakfast.

2. many Saudis drink the traditional Saudi qahwa without any sugar (actually they don't like sweet tea) but they like to eat sweet cakes and chocolates.

3. saudis need to pay money or gold to the family of their brides before marriage and they just don't mind this. the amount of money or gold depends on education/family status of the bride.

4. most of us thinking that saudi guys are marrying more than once but actually educated saudis are marrying once only and usually getting married after 30's. reason behind is they have to collect money or gold to pay to bride's family.

5. after getting marry the bride is living in separate home or portion with husband. joint family system is not applicable in their culture.

6. saudis are very fond of soft drinks even they are drinking in the breakfast.

7. cheese and khubz(saudi flat bread) are the most consuming food items in Saudia.


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