Surviving Bullies

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Subordinates being bullied

Karachi; Ahmed sat in his cubical after meeting with his boss with the jumbled thoughts going around his head, he felt low. Criticism from boss never seems to stop, despite his history of achieving high objectives.

Unfortunately bulling is becoming a workplace issue. Workplace bullying is when a person uses his power in an unjustifiable manner over his colleague or sub-ordinates. The term is used interchangeably as a form of harassment. It’s an unwanted conduct affecting the dignity of employee at workplace. It may be related to age, sex, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation, nationality or any personal characteristic of the individual. Unfortunately, coercive leadership style is widely prevalent across business organizations and subordinates can’t afford saying no to boss. Managers consider themselves as assets and employees as liabilities. Moreover, unreasonable workload, unrealistic deadlines and excessive monitoring of their work also as refers to work place bulling.

Pakistani organizations are inherently follow bureaucratic structured where boss has unquestionable power permitting workplace bullying and miss-use of power. In addition to this, the societal norms considered to be paternalistic and follow hierarchy where supervisor or boss enjoys unchallengeable power to his/her level of comfort. Bullied subordinates hardly complain bearing in mind the dire consequences with absence of organizational justice. Silence of the employees leads workplace bullying and abuse of authority an ongoing practice. They are threatened to loss of job, bonus or transfer. They believe that if they say ‘no’ to the manager or do not comply with the orders employees may get threatened to face consequences.

A study showed that in Pakistan female employers are more likely to be bullied by female bosses, while male employers are more likely to be bullied by male bosses, it states that male employers are being bullied for their work performances while women are bullied for personal and moral values.

Workplace bullying leads to adverse effects on employees such as; reduced self-esteem at workplace, extreme distress, unsettled sleep, loss of focus and depression. The drastic effects of workplace bullying increases turnover, decline productivity and disturb physical health. While organization also has, a high cost combined with decreased job contentment, higher absenteeism, lower outcomes, lower commitment and increased turnover rate.
As per the article 37.e of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the state shall “make provisions for securing just and humane conditions of work for all”. As the Constitution says, everyone needs to be treated with dignity and respect at the workplace. The fundamental question is how to make them effective where bulling has become a part of the organizational culture.

Many organizations in Pakistan have recognized the prevalence of the issues but they turn a deaf ear to the problems as it is constituent of our culture. Organization in Pakistan are under huge political and some social pressure also find difficulty to change this culture. On the other hand, study presents that the growth of firm couldn’t be possible without the employees. So, they should try to understand difficulties faced by the employees at the workplace. They should care about the feelings, emotions and perceptions of employees because human resource is the asset of the organization and effective management is the key to success.

There is a need of making general legislation applicable at work. The workplace bullying prevails in all organizations regardless of type and victims are also free of gender, age and status. Since bullying is harmful to the physical and psychological well being of victim that leads to increased sick time and absenteeism. Provision of medical facility for all employees and special counseling programmed should be arranged by the organizations. This may be valuable and beneficial step to negate tense working environment.

Further the management in the organizations should conduct the training regarding catering the issue. Awareness about the devastating effects of workplace bullying should be spread. This will help to remove the virus of workplace bullying that badly affects the employee productivity.

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