Honor Killing

(Saman Tanweer, )

Honor killing is done for saving the honour of the family. ‘Religion’ and ‘culture’ cannot Allow for the killing of women,many people are blaming religion, but there is no concept of honor killing in Islam. According to Islam there is no room for killing a believer in Islam their reward will be Hell, . No ‘culture’ has the right to kill and harm women based on honor. The freedom of belief does not mean freedom to kill. Everyone has right to life with full dignity and equality.
These incidentsWhich are happening on regular bases in Pakistan. It's really scary to read such stories. Recently A famous Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch was also murdered in the name of honor by her own brother.

The law in Pakistan actually changed but it is still so unjust towards cases like this. No one should have to experience.

Honor killer have very strange definitions of respect and honor. And, it seems, no definition at all about love. Interesting how at the end the killer says he's treated with respect and his family's honor is restored. Just shows us how the problem is not the killer who commit the crime, but rather the society which rewards them.
It's all about their honor when you kill your daughter where is your honor when you disobeyed Gods words. Don't kill your own children for God is the one who feeds them.

At the End I just Wanted To Say islam as a Religion of Love and Peace Islam does not in anyway allow for killing of any innocent soul.

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