Jz’s Mother Passes Away: You Were The Best Mom---Rip

(Javed Zaheer, Toronto)

My mother---ANISA KHATOON--- passed away in Chicago, US, on Sunday morning, December 18, 2016, leaving all of us very sad, a sadness and grief which will always remain a permanent part of at least my life and make my heart painful, bleed and cry and keep my soul restless. I have no words to express her greatness, goodness and gracefulness of the great lady.

Her departure caused an irreparable loss. I was hospitalized at that time---from December 16-20 in Sunnybrook Medical Sciences Center, Toronto. I was there for a surgical procedure to replace my dialysis line since the graft on my left hand got blocked. Several efforts to fix the graft failed.

Since I was hospitalized and in bad condition, the sad news was hidden from me. My elder brother Syed Zahir Akhtar, younger brother Tariq Zaheer Siddiqui, and my younger sister Reshma Iqbal, despite the harsh winter weather, winter storm and bad and dangerous condition of the roads---drove from Chicago, US, to break the news to me.

The news struck me like lightning. Frankly speaking, I was very angry with God for taking away my most precious asset, my lighthouse, my source of strength and courage and my protective shield from me. Then I realised that it was a natural process and a life cycle which every living thing will have to face. I bowed my head before God and begged for good, mercy and forgiveness for my mother. I did and am trying to do whatever I can.

I am not saying this because she was my sweet, loving and caring mother, all those who met and knew her know how good and great she was. My father passed away on June 9, 1973, and since then together we faced all the tough challenges, great hardship and most difficult times. We had very good understanding and liked, loved and respected each other.

This gave the badly and needed great courage and strength to all my family members. It gave them the sense to live together and like, love, respect, help and support each other. This made me stronger. They were and are all very loving, caring, helpful and supportive. The siblings like and love each other very much.
After the passing away of my mother, my elder brother Syed Zahir Akhtar is the lighthouse and leader of the family. He has all the qualities to keep the family united and happy. He keeps track of all the members and keeps helping in all possible ways the ones who need help and support.

He is a man of great qualities and character. Now he is a great protective shield for us. He along with my other family members there did their best possible in all ways to look after my mother but could not save her from the claws of death---A reality which everyone will have to one day.

In the end, I would like to beg and request all near and dear ones, friends and fans and even all those who don’t know her to please pray for the departed soul of my mother. Also, please share the prayer request with all. This will help my mother the most. I thank all in advance for the prayers.


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