My Friends Circle

(Zara Mansoor, Islamabad)

Friends are more than sisters and it has been proven true by my friends. My friends are more precious for me than anything else in the world. I always wanted to know how others shed light on the nature of friendship but one just marks which one experiences. Every circle has its ups and downs but despite of these circumstances if one does not break the circle and try to overcome the perturbed situation it means he/she is the one who is exceptionally talented in the field of binding circles.

I met them all at college. With the passing of time the number of group members and friends increased and the seeds of closeness were planted between us. Now plants have grown through these seeds and I guess no one would ever be able to eradicate these roots.

Many couplets would be seen in this circle who are always ready to make others, part of their joke and highly expertise in helping each other in the time of need. Friendship goals are always better than anything. After the preference of good books the second thing I prefer is a circle of good and true friends who are altruistic. Those who never turn with positive relief to have a glimpse of the parasite are actually not true friends (as far as my opinion is concerned).

I descry many friendship circles but they are not as strong as they should be but my friends circle is somewhat a different thing.

We had many conversations and during one of those wondrous extended self-revealing teenage conversations we made a place in each other’s hearts. We sat side by side to each other in every single morning on the same bench while discussing the same moot points.

In that long list of friends, there are some to whom I could call at 2 am when I have to make some last-minute decision. We travel together, share our secrets, deep thoughts and things which are at the edges of our mind. If sometimes I am upset about something, I share and ask for their advises because I always trust their judgment, although I might not follow their advice but it comforts me a little. Whenever I am around them I can be completely and unselfconsciously myself.

It’s not the thing that we all don’t get on each other’s nerves. It’s the thing that we do and proudly ask “If there is anything else left I can do wrong for you”?
All the elements between us are making our friendship too strong.

Let me share a memory which I guess is the best of all. Once me and my friend were sitting in the class, it was not that lecture was over our head but the thing was, we were not taking interest. It is all that matters, if we do not take interest in something it always goes over our head.

The other shiny morning, me , Kashmala and Annie decided to bunk the lecture because our ma’am already said once “If you are not interested, you may stay outside or leave the class”. How we left the class and ran downstairs was the funny of all. The path which we had to use to run downstairs was the same from where our teacher had to come. We hidden ourselves form her, got mixed up with other girls, after some time when situation cooled down finally ran downstairs and reached at our friendship point. We enjoyed the every single moment of bunk as much as we could. After the lecture we were informed that somebody told our names to the teacher and my name was announced over fifty time, because I was the class representative (CR). This thing got us giggling and butterflies curled in our belly. We decided to stand face to face to the situation with regard to the punishment.

Next day before the class started we were very excited to see what was going to happen with three of us. When teacher came she announced our names and made us to stand in front of the whole class during the lecture. When she asked about the reason of leaving the class we gave her the same statement which she once given to us and said, we avoided to create disturbance in the class and stayed outside. Our this point made everyone laugh at our mischievous behavior, but our obstinateness was at its extreme peak and we were enjoying our insult.

Nothing could be enough to describe the patience and good nature of our ma’am. She remained cool during the whole lecture and the only thing she said was “this is not an excuse”.

When she left, we laughed hard but later it dawned upon us that we did wrong. After this day that teacher became one of our favorite.

The thing which we get in these years is, nothing can break our friendship. The understanding and the strong bond which has developed in these years, neither can be ended nor would anyone want to do so. We have a special connection between us, a connection of the heart. Friends who are like family can bring just happiness to life. Closer the bond, greater the power. When a friend dies, a part of you dies, as you lose forever the experiences, the jokes, the references that you shared once.
Good friends fill holes and simply add richness and joy into life.

Note: All those friends with whom I have spent time or shared memories, are the best part of my life. I haven't mentioned all nor I could be able to do so but, you all are just love, thanks for being a part of my life. You all have given me love, respect, experiences and nothing can break the record of these things which you all have done for me.

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آپ کی رائے
a beautiful blog :) matchless my bestie. you have described our companionship very remarkably :* <3 <3 <3
By: mala gul, islambad on Jan, 10 2017
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Butt every have friend circle like you sis
By: Akmal Fraz, Pindi bhattian on Dec, 31 2016
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