Human Rights

(Anees Ahmad, Islamabad)

It's appalling each time I use public transport to go my office early morning. It causes frustration and disappointment to see the people/public feel hesitant and are reluctant to ask for their rights. Following are the few of the issues I have been facing ever since I moved to Pakistan and started using the public transport.
1) Violation of the traffic rules by the drivers by not following the assigned route.
2) Violation of the traffic rules by stopping the wagon/bus wherever the drivers wish or convenient for them.
3) No fixed fair/ticket and the reluctant to give you the change back by pretending the conductor doesn't carry/have the coins to give your change back.
4) No proper time at each bus stop and sometimes it causes an undue delay
5) Over speed

I spotted few of the above mentioned issues while travelling in the public transport in Islamabad and would like to highlight them for people's awareness. The reason I spotted these issues that I have always been concerned about "Human Rights" and believe that it's totally in our control to ask for our rights as the old saying goes well" You have to snatch your rights" . What I've been observing is that the "Human Rights" violation is pervasive but still if you compare the "West" people still raise voices against the injustices, corruption, racism, cruelty and so many other things that are against humanity,but what saddened me the most is that Pakistan in particular has always been the victim and no positive steps are taken with a pragmatic approach to sort these issue out.

In a nutshell, we human beings are social animals and have rights, lets not be the victims of the injustices.

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