Waste Management and Public Role

(Mubashar Tanvir, Lahore)

Solid Waste Management has become an issue of increasing global concern as urban populations continue to rise and consumption patterns change. The health and environment implications associated with solid waste management are intensifying in urgency, particularly in the context of developing countries.

Waste Management Companies like Albayrak a Turkish group (in Lahore, Rawalpindi & Murree) on a mission to maximize resource value, while minimizing and even eliminating environmental impacts so that both our economy and our environment can thrive.

Albayrak Waste Management signed a contract with LWMC ( Lahore Waste Management Company) in 2011 and started operations with its modernized machinery for sweeping and washing in Lahore the following year and while continuing its strive towards cleaner environment started operations in Rawalpindi and Murree as well.

While striving for cleaner environment there is a need of public cooperation to make it easier for achieving goals of cleanliness.

Albayrak Communications team took a great initiative to sensitize the citizens about cleanliness and its importance. Albayrak teams organize door to door and market awareness campaigns to make sure the use of dust bins or waste containers installed by the company on different points or to hand over the domestic waste to sanitary workers so that it may be disposed off properly.

Its looks like a great improvement in cleanliness system from last 4 to 5 years especially on religious days.

These campaigns of cleanliness may lead towards healthier environment while with institutional and communities participation. Schools can play an important role in this case as they are to teach the children that how they can save and retain a safe and healthy environment. Special lectures about cleanliness and healthy environment should also be the part of education system.

Albayrak Waste Management Company playing a model role for other companies by installing cleanliness awareness message boards on public routes and in different institutes to make people to avoid littering and to use the waste bins.

Special cleanup operations of Albayrak on special days of social and religious importance like Eid days etc. are always appreciated by the public.

The system can be more effective if public will cooperate and will make sure the use of dustbins instead of throwing waste in empty plots, on roads and in streets.

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