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(Sahar, Rawalpindi)

From the topic you know that this article is all about simple life benefits.

Everyone has a life story no matter in which group of age they are they always thing that past is so beautiful and the present is so complicated but they are so sure about their future going to be an awesome one.(if they make things in their favor without doing any illegal stuff)

But my question is that why we make things complicated in first place. If u asks me we should go easy on ourselves. We should draw some rules for living a successful should copy others because everyone is different may be they r good in one thing but can’t do countless tasks. Which we normally do in our daily life. Lasts take the example of painter and the singer

A painter earn a handsome amount at the end of the month after selling his one painting. But the singer have to sing the bunch of songs to earn that much amount .so the thing is ever one is best at their own place.

Sadly in our country we follow the famous n successful people blindly without thinking much about the past of their life and the struggles from which they have to go through. We think that we should compete with them no matter what happens .if the kid next door id going in the one of the best school in town we make sure that our kid go in the same school .here I want to clear one thing that I am not saying that competition is an healthy thing but we should know our limits .Like may be the fee of that school is totally out of our limit but we make space for that by cutting some other important things from our life, or earning money from the ways which are totally illegal and that is harm in Islam and strictly forbidden.
But then we don’t stop here we force our kid to do best no matter what happened at some point we forget that he is a human being too.
My advice to all the reader is the first step to accomplishing all your goals and making your dreams come true starts with this simple realization that you are human: you are not perfect.

Always try your best n never lose your hope.

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sahar i like your article .. i need your help if u have time plz contact with me ? Syed wahab shah. islmabad
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