10 - Common Leadership and Management Mistakes

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Leadership and Management Mistakes
The mistake is human nature as from the day one mistake is being made by human beings and it will continue until the doomsday. However, leadership and management mistake puts a severe impact that must be avoided. If not possible, must be reduced or not to be made in the first instance.

To err is human being, however, the mistake teaches the human beings on account of which they get experience and in this context the mistake is beneficial. It has been analyzed that if the mistake had not been, the man could not have gotten any kind of experience. A mistake breeds experience; it also opens the door of brainstorming as many kinds of inventions are made keeping in view the mistake. The ten common mistakes which are generally made by some Leadership and Management are given below:-

1. Partially defined the determined Goals: The first and core mistake that a leadership or management makes is not to define the determined goals properly and holistically. Further, only to define goals is not appropriate, it is essential to take feedback from the below-lines about the determined goals, whether they have grasped the specification of goals or not so that no confusion is occurring in accomplishing the goals.
2. Self-Interest: The 2nd mistake by them is to care of self-interest instead of corporate interest that causes of disastrous for the nations and for the organizations. The attitude of self-interest also defames them as people do not respect them, then in the long run they are removed indecent way. Further, it is elaborated that nepotism is the sub-part of self-interest.
3. Extreme Overconfidence: The passion of self-importance is significant, but too much egotism that breeds from extreme overconfidence is purely unsuccessful as it can ruin all activities made for the growth of any project.
4. Misconception about the issue: To settle down the issues, it is essential to understand the issues properly and completely. The misconception about the issue is a common mistake that leadership and management generally make.
5. Underestimation the opponents: Not to make a too low estimate about someone because if anyone underestimates the time, in return, the time will underestimate him. Underestimation the opponents is a common mistake made by leadership and management.
6. Not-willing to take retirement: A big mistake that has been observed by the countrymen is that the leadership of the country is not willing to take retirement, also not willing to give leadership power to someone, despite having much golden age. They are also not ready to prepare their next-of-kin as a leader or their substitute.
7. Lengthy Speech or Presentation: A lengthy speech or presentation is also a mistake of leadership and management as majority audience and participants do not understand their lengthy presentation.
8. Avoidance of National Language: Totally avoidance of national language is also a mistake that is made by some leadership and management; it should be avoided to give a weight to their presentation. Their presentation should be mixed up by national and local language that will certainly make their appearances agile.
9. Avoidance of taking feedback from below-lines: A common mistake that has been observed is not to take feedback from the below-lines as feedback about the project is an integral part to sustain and flourish the business activity.
10. Hands-off Policy: The business activity must be monitored as it cannot be left totally on the shoulders of subordinates so that the business movement may run to true direction to achieve the determined goals. Hands-off policy, i.e. having no involvement in the business activity is a part of mistake of leadership and management.

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