Talented People

(Manahil Eman, karachi)

In Pakistan there are so many talent or talented people but due to lack of facilities they donot complete their wish or the good job ,and for this result they found the way that how to go other country and in this case slowly slowly our talented people went other country and progresss their country and our country on the same position.No doubt that there are many genius,talented people,every year many engineer,doctors complete their studies and become engineer,doctors etc,but due to less job oppurtunity they phase problems,and you see that many people become DR, ENGINEER and many other gratudation but our country is still stand on same position .Past few years pakistani scientist did a great job and their but not here some other country I think that the main thing is that after studies all student made line for jobs and after that they want a peaceful and happy life no ones care about other people or country (country ye tou boht duur ki bt h) If we gradute in physices,chemistry,arts etc etc .In these subject we not only study but we also made some new some different things but return to back that no facilities,but rich people and government help if all students unite and start this work from university level so many students join profresssor help and many other help come,many talent and many ideas come Our most super talented people DR ABDUL QADEER KHAN AND DR AFIA SIDDIQUIE talent are wasted.If they are in serious condition we post same stuff which we do in every situation(may Allah give them along,healthy and happy life ameen )and on that time we call our hero and blame government that they donot escape her or not give oppurunity .Not government we also do that by the help of media .We use instagram, facebook and many other applications so we spread our message .If we student,people want they come back , we pressure on governmemt.They are very talented super genius people if they come they do magic ,if they work on some other technologies to made many people get advantage,or many talents come,new new things make to learn. we get advantage of these people and learn many things from them they made atomic bomb so why not all other great things they made I requested to government that please help DR AFIA and come back to her PAKISTAN WHY you are not take serious action,come back DR ABDUL QADEER KHAN and made some new things.If we all people are unite and gave message to government,people and our hero by the help of media our country made progress so if you want change so do it!! and progress Pakistan and this is done that If we all are unite.!!

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