April fool is for fool

(Maryam Azim, )

One of my friends when I was in 10th standard she is not a Muslim girl that is why she always faced bulling by some of my school mates I don’t know why people are so aggressive toward other religion they forget in their aggression that other one is also human being. One day, on 1st April we are having lunch in our school canteen and some fellows came there show her, her mark sheet she scored 35% and failed although she was a bright student but she failed this after this she got so much shocked and got brain hemorrhage. Next day the story of fake mark sheet reveals and I came to know that it was a prank just to make her april fool…..

You are free to move your hand unless it could slap someone

Do you think this is a right way to make fool others???Absolutely no .we have no right to disturb someone’s privacy and hurt them without any reason everyone is free everyone has their own thoughts own mood but they have no rights to hurt others by their evil deeds. But unfortunately many people in our society doing the same by celebrating April fool and make fun of others in spite of think that this is harmful and reason of suffering for others. People not only play a prank with non Muslims but with their siblings, neighbor, colleagues and parents etc. People usually hurt other people by telling lie and by using awful techniques. People think making fun of others and calling them fool is something very cool but this is not something cool. How can we feel comfort by teasing others? Actually fools are not those who become victim of this shady act by others but fools are those who commit shameful acts to tease others.

People don’t ponder this idea that if they celebrate this day so they are considering being fool? Or the one whom they make fool? According to me this day is only for fool people who celebrate this and making others fool by their awful techniques. Actually those are real fools who make others fool. We are Muslims and living in Muslims society we should opposed to this day. As in our religion telling a lie is not a good act. Lie is sin for Muslims but not only Muslims but every single human being consider this as an evil act and abolish this sinful act.

After mother’s day, father’s day, friendship day we are going to celebrate this foolish day. We are living in eastern society and got independence from western people but till 1947 we are following the footsteps of western society we should take this matter seriously and think about it either we are doing right or wrong. Our media is promoting this event as its very important day. Its history is from Rome so if they are celebrating it is their culture or we can say a part of culture. If they done a prank which is not harmful for anyone so this is according to them is right but we have our own mind we should have an ability to distinguish between right or wrong. Every day has its own pros and cones we have to find right way to celebrate each day.

We should say no to April fool…

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