Country walls full of with Wall Chalking

(Katiba sana, Karachi)

Wall Chalking is the ugly face of "freedom of expression " and power to which people have been introduced by rebellious thoughts and it is a heinous activity that debauches the beauty of the country great deal, yet we see that the walls are filled with all kinds of wall chalking and it is so common in Pakistan but main question is why does people indulge in it so much??

Basically wall chalking is a tool which is often used by people for creating awarenees of different things because it's a cheap way of advertisements but wall chalking is not a better tool for awareness but it's the wrong tool of creating awarenees and basically it should not allowed to any one as it creates mess on country walls.As we wall walked around us looking left and right we found walls are weeping because when these walls newly constructed it was so beautiful but as time passed so people started painting which made unfortunately bad impact while some people sprayed also which made looks so dirty so each and every walls suffers the same injustice and perhaps there was no wall which survived from chalking and this is not only case of cities but every wall of country is facing same problem but now we are so used of it that without it walls looks dumb,deaf and blind.

In other countries of the world,street walls are consider as the source of beauty of country and they take very good care of their country's beauty but in Pakistan as people are divided into many groups and parties so to be famous they use country street walls to write different slogans which put worst impression on tourists so we should think about this issue seriously and should take certain steps to solve this problem and to save the beauty and prestige of our Pakistan which is our first and for most duty and this could be possible only when we all will be unite as a nation in a true manner.

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