Rash Driving Of Teenagers

(Syeda Aqsa, Karachi)

 How many times have you heard the words “Rash driving” and how many times have you associated it with a youngster? The chances are quite a few times. Owning or driving either a two or a four wheeler is one of the most triumphant moments in a teenager’s life. And often one of the most dangerous too. For, it is at this age that most teenagers exposed to the thrills of speeding meet with sometimes lethal accidents.

. A large number of accidents take place due to hasty, unruly and risky driving habits of many people. People get driving licences through the recommendation of influential personalities without even getting prior training. Such ill-trained drivers are liable to make fatal mistakes, thus putting in danger their own lives as well as the lives of other citizens sharing the same route. Secondly, a careless attitude is also noticed among the general public who are always in haste while crossing the road from any point they find feasible for themselves.

In order to tackle this problem, the concerned authorities need to run large-scale awareness campaigns among drivers and the public at large. When drivers are caught violating the rules, they offer a small proportion of the Challan fee as bribe and escape legal punishment. If serious efforts are made, it will take only a little time, courage and determination to resolve all these issues. The problem lies not at the driver's end but with teenagers, who tend to be impulsive and fearless. They are much more apt to speed, tailgate, shun seat belts, and show off. Indeed, about 44 percent of teen accidents are single–car crashes, such as smashing into a tree, which basically indicates foolish driving. A direct approach to the problem would be to raise the age at which teens can get their licenses. Beginning drivers who are over age 21 have fewer crashes and other problems than do beginners in their teens. In fact, many countries don't license drivers under 18.

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