Poverty in Pakistan

(Katiba sana, Karachi)
Poverty is the very serious problem or issue which all Pakistan is facing today.It is every where in Pakistan which is cutting the roots because it is one of the biggest problem which effected the economy growth of the country.Basically Pakistan is an under developing and poor country so that is a fact that the economy of Pakistan is facing fluctuation but the main cause behind this ups and downs is the bad policies.

Poverty is one of the major social problem which Pakistan is facing as it is one of the most important and sensitive issue for Pakistan because it cause other social problems and basically it is the main cause of the other problems which the country is facing and it become one of the biggest problem that Pakistan faces today.

Due to poverty people are unable to fulfill their basic needs because due to the low earning and high expenditures.The poverty in Pakistan did not has a single face as it is changing from place to place and time to time so we can simply say that poverty is like a situation through which every one is trying to escape from that situation.

The very core and basic reason of the poverty in Pakistan is increasing unemployment and level of education in Pakistan which is also almost nothing that's why literacy rate in Pakistan is low so due to it people of Pakistan do not have the basic concept of the modern learning which is being used by the modern world.The major cause of crimes and social disorder increasing day by day in Pakistan is also due to the poverty rate in Pakistan.

According to survey reports as many as 40% of the population lines below the poverty core.But if the basic needs like shelter,food and clothing is easily available so condition become better but if these problems are not fulfilled so socio-economic problems created which is now Pakistan is suffering today because in such condition people become depressed of gaining their basic necessities of life and to fulfill their basic needs of life.

We all have to measure its causes and should experience the pain of the poor people that how does common man live in country so our government should make the things or create a good situation to remove the poverty from it roots because it is the main cause or the major problem through which all the problems are create as it is the root of other major problems in the country.
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