Sympathy and Empathy

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Sympathy and Empathy are two respite words having different meaning in terms of reality. Sympathy has spoken effect, whereas empathy has visualized effect. A man who has the passion of empathy is more sober than a man who has the passion of sympathy as empathy is a trait of sobriety. Moreover, the word “empathy” is a broad meaning word, having the quality of the word “sympathy” too.

The world is full of grief and sorrow along with happiness and pleasures and no one can avoid the above two words. They are used in our routine life and sustain relationship with dears and nears. The passion of Sympathy and Empathy elevates and distinguishes a man from other creatures as no creature other than man has the passion of Sympathy and Empathy. The man who has no passion of Sympathy and Empathy is far from humanity and does not have the blessing of Allah.

The real meaning of sympathy is to feel and to say the words of sorrow over the grief of someone, on the other hand empathy means to visualize the hardships and problems of others and to facilitate them by considering himself in their place. When a man considers himself in the place of a grieved person, he enthusiastically helps him only for the assent of Allah. This way of thinking increases the passion of humanity and brotherhood that is the need of the day as the people are much depressed with reference to their domestic as well as political, social, economical and law and order situation of the country. Empathy supersedes sympathy as it is not naturally imposed passion like sympathy; therefore it gives spiritual relief to the man who is filled up with the passion of empathy. Moreover the empathized person also gets practical help therefore this passion has the blessing of Allah, whereas sympathy is an oral and built in attitude of human beings.

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