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(Sidra arshad, Karachi)

If you are frustrated students of college and university then word "monday" will always look like damn to you. The first thing you experience after sleeping on sunday night is that you will have to wait for full fledged 6 days for seeing another sunday. Being a university student i know that how it feel to wakeup for 8. 30 morning lecture.. 75% attendances is mandatory for sitting in your professionals ... I hate this line... This line have demolished and abolished many plans of mine taking sleep in morning... And the rule of our university professor s that you will marked absent after 10 minutes of comence of lectures.... I sometimes think that these proffesors and lecturers hadn't spent their life as student thats why they dont know that sitting in class for whole 60 minutes without sleeping is big acheivement for students now a days. I am medicore student thats why i only attend lecture physically ... And after every module my horrible result told the story of thats its very important to study regularily then i always make promise to myself that i will study from the very starting day of modules ... I will give answers of all questions in viva... And last i will not use any social sites nor i will wantch any drama or read any novel... And i will throw my hands free in dustbin... Butt After finishing my horrible and horendous vivas i think that resting for one day will not make any difference to my studies and from tomorrow onwards i will start studying regularily..

Yes you thought it right ... This cycle repeats untill last day of module... And yes result and gpa is very obvious as per the preparations and efforts made by me... I hate assignment every university student will be agreed (topers are exception)that we always copy or atleast i always copy it from my toper friend and the knowledge before and after giving assignment to teachers remain same..... So teachers please stop giving assignment to us .... So that we can enjoy our breaks...

Student life is an awesome life and have its own perks thats why stop getting depress about your grades... Grades might give you good job but running after good grades will make you sick... Grades will not represent your future.. Be optimistic because this four or five year of your life wil never come to you... So enjoy this era of your life fully

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