A generation gap

(Kashif Ali Baloch, Karachi)

"Problems and Difficulties are purely men made"

Problems, either solving one or not but actually the problems are purely made by our own-self, some of problems are solving but some of the problems cannot be solved.

I am highlighting a common problem "Generation Gap" which exists everywhere across the globe. The problem which exists even in the developed countries but it is not experienced very intensely. There are many ways to solve the problems but if unsolved can lead to many other problems.

"They Love Each Other, but they won’t understand each other"

Generations, despite any day and age, have their set personality and tenets which constantly are hard to patch. We all think of kids to be like soft clay, and by the time they grow up, the society in which they stay largely constitutes their upbringing. The rest is dictated by the standards that they all live by.

There are several problems that lead to this conflicting problem. The people of all the three mentioned generations have been brought up in an entire different way.

Because of the distinction in rising, their mental system varies from each other. Physciological and behavioral examples are framed on the premise of conditions one experiences. At the point when the general population of the diverse eras meets each other they regularly are initiated to distinction in assessment, correspondence crevice, clashes and so forth.

Because of the distinction in mental structure the preferences likewise vary from each other. Along these lines both the gatherings can't live in peace with each other and they can't regard the preferences and assessment of each other.

There are no specialized answers for resolve this knotty issue. On the off chance that you need to determine the issue and find a sense of contentment then both the gatherings must will to take care of the issue. In the event that the gathering can't acknowledge the progressions then the other party ought to involve to a more noteworthy degree which may not be conceivable.

Acknowledgment and an abnormal state of comprehension is one of the ideal answers for battle the issue.

"Let’s understand each other and enjoy the taste of tasteful and blessed life"

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