Our Youth

(Ramsha Altaf, Karachi)

I am writing this because of present situation of our youngsters that today only the thing which is important to them is their cell phone whenever they got money they only think of buying a cell phone. This applies in my life also yesterday I was sitting with my family and watching TV.

Tv was just a shedding actually I was active on social media my father asked me a question that "World has become so globalized that you get attached to your friends thousand miles away but you're oblivious of your family matters" I agreed that cell phones are very helpful in many ways they provide us with knowledge and collect the world on our finger tips But, youngsters are becoming selfish that no matter how they want the best model of phone in all stressed upon their parents.

Last week I heard that iPhone seven has launched and youngsters are crowded and eager for it when I was a child I recalcitrate for a twenty rupees cell phone from my father. Now the demands are high moreover students neglect their books and give importance to cell phone over them.

I feel pity over the smartness of our youngsters that they give momentousness to such a robotic machine over their family and their own complications in life they are unaware of the religious and social ups and downs of society and political institutions but now it's the time to move on rather than mourning over their past deeds and to look upon the social economic and religious conditions of their country Pakistan.

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Keep It Up
By: Kashif Ali Baloch, Karachi on Apr, 03 2017
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