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(Sidra arshad, Karachi)

For all the medical students especially who are doing BDS". I am studying in private medical college of karachi. When i told someone that i am studying BDS the first they start glaring at me and then will sarcastically say that ohh so you are becoming "dentist" . Then start saying that doing bds from private medical college is just utter waste of money because private college only want money from their students.... Yes its bit right that you will easily get admission in private medical college but the stress you have to bear in these medical colleges utter beyond imagination...we have to maintain our mandatory 75% in all subjects and in bds we have to study course of bds as well as mbbs. In first year we have to finish the coarse which mbbs student cover in 2 year...

Then most importantly we have to study 8 subject in our 3rd year...

I am not saying that we are best or we are better then mbbs doctor but then again bds is specialized degree....

In Pakistan we are valorizine something so much that we start degrading other fields and other institutions. So its my request to Pakistanis that every institute is best if you are best and every field is perfect if you are perfect in your field... And most importantly dentisary is more then just extraction of teeth... You have to become artist for dentistry... In Pakistan we are lacking behind in education becaue we have markated different field as best or other as worst... I have seen many pass out of iqra university at very good posts... Its not about institiution its about education... Start believing it...

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