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Education has always been given up priority in a cultured society. A sophisticated social setup works for the spread of knowledge to all without any discrimination. In Pakistan, education is free up to the Matriculation. It is an irony of fate that education has become the most costly thing in our soil. What is being delivered in the educational institutions is generally called education. However, the fact is that education is something else than what is being imparted.

Probably the masters of our nations destiny are determined to produce graduates without taking into account proper criteria and merit. If this country continues the degree awarding process without any contemplation or consideration, Pakistan is apprehended to have cent percent literary in a few years. Such kind of target of enhancing literary rate is ridiculous. The society needs a real educated inception. Beside technical and professional expertise, it involves ethics aesthetics, sense of obedience and discipline.
The private institutions have a lion's share in the academic setup of Pakistan. During last two decades, a number of schools and colleges have been setup. Thousands of coaching centers are busy in making up the needs of government and private institutions incomplete work. It is very strange that in the declining economy of Pakistan, the only commercially productive sector is education.

Teaching methodology of most of the institutions is faculty. It does not come up to the requirements of the modern world. Private institutions claim to introduce advanced methods of learning and teaching, but they fail to build up the vision in the students. In the examinations, the students who are good memorizing machines secure good results. This frustrates many. In this lot, who are financially better, leave for abroad. It is an overall perception that the sphere of education of Pakistan reflects the decadence of values of our society. It is also the parameter of the state and working of all the instructions of the government of Pakistan. The rhetoric's and inspirational speeches of our premiers sometimes bring optimism and remove the thick layer of despair, dejection and disappointment. However the change comes through practical steps.
"Action speaks louder than the words"

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