The illegal behaviors of minors

(Yusra Aziz, )

In modern civilized countries a criminal is not looked upon as a sinner or bad person but rather as a mentally diseased individual or one who has been a victim of certain circumstances. There was a time when even small children were severely punished if they committed some crime. But as psychologists proceeded to draw the attention of the civilized world to the cause of juvenile delinquency, the tradition of punishing children lost favor, to be replaced by efforts at improving and rehabilitating them. Nowadays, in every country efforts are being made to correct the juvenile delinquent rather than punish him.

Juvenile delinquency is essentially a city phenomena. Big cities of Pakistan have been experiencing incidents which may be described as delinquent acts. A delinquent is one who is guilty of an act believed by a group that has power to enforce its belief, to be injurious to society and therefore prohibited. In short, juvenile delinquents are those young persons who have been found indulging in destructive acts such as thefts and car lifting etc.

In Pakistan, we do not have legal or administrative regulation defining the term “juvenile delinquency”. But the age of the juvenile and the nature of offence committed by him are important criteria of juvenile delinquency.

Juvenile delinquency like crime is a cause as well as symptom of a disorganized society. Criminality ordinarily refers to adult behaviors and juvenile delinquency is commonly used for the offences committed by adolescent. Juvenile courts are constituted to protect the minor and save him from a delinquency stigma whereas the function of the criminal court is to determine whether the defendant has committed breach of the law.

Briefly, criminals and juveniledelinquents are to be distinguished by their difference of age, kinds of actions, objective of activities and mode of working. Yet normally it is only the difference in age that is considered the sole basis of making a distinction between the two classes. The causes of juvenile delinquency are divided into internal and external. Internal factors include physical and psychological factors while the external factors consist of social elements.

In our country, the main cause of juvenile delinquency is poverty, lack of education, over-crowding, unemployment, parental neglect, emotional insecurity, lack of healthy recreational facilities, excitement through reading obscene books and watching filthy movies and bad company. The rapid movement of population from the rural areas to the cities, the unplanned industrialization and rapid urbanization are the major factors responsible for increasing the magnitude of the problem. It is therefore, necessary to dispassionately analyze its causes and take effective steps to solve the problem of juvenile delinquency which has been on an increase these days.


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