Stop discrimination: Educate the special children

(Yusra Aziz, )

To be educated is the right of every human being. Education is important for a child's intellectual, social and psychological development. We cannot deny the fact that education is something that is the important for every individual. Teacher is the person who has the most responsibility on his shoulders for building a child's personality. And when talking about teachers it is essential that we have some teachers who are specialized for educating the children who are special.

Special children are born with intellectual disorder or mental retardation. In past, these children were thought to be not capable of going to regular schools. They were born with abnormality so people did not consider them normal human. They were not considered a part of society and were kept in asylums and hospitals.

But as they society progressed people realize that they are no different from us and should be treated equally. Though they were not given education in regular schools but some special schools were constructed for them in which special kind of teaching staff was employed and special type of education is given to them. But unfortunately Pakistan lacks behind in construction of large number of such schools for the special children.

A child does not only go to school to learn what is written in book but he also learns to be a interactive individual in the society. The role of the teacher of special children is much more harder then a regular teacher as he or she has to interact with the children who might be able to understand, talk or are not able to walk, have no sense of hearing, speaking or sight. So the special children teacher has to deal with such children with great patience and care.

We should not deprive them only because they take time to learn something as compared to normal children. In Pakistan most of the parents don’t consider special children education important as a result the mental condition of the children become worse day by day and they become unable to contribute to the society.

In Pakistan, birth of a special child is considered as a curse. People around make different types of assumptions due to which the special child is cornered without any reason. He or she is being locked in a room, not allowed to interact and treated with Disgrace. Parents as well as siblings consider the special child as a sign of embarrassment. They don’t take him or her with them at events. Don’t let them get education due to which the child mental stability is lost.

Special children are not born with complete senses but they are born with a sense that is capable of learning that is why it is there right to get education. Unfortunately, in Pakistan special children education is not considered important. Though there in a separate department for special education in Karachi University which teaches the teachers how to deal with special children. They also provide training to the students about how to educate a special child. It is indeed a good step but the government should try to increase the number of schools for special education. Also parents should support their special children to get education so that they become successful in life and play a positive role in the society.


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