7 tips to make best whiteboard explainer videos

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Explainer Videos are the Videos in which creative objects and pictures are pinched on Whiteboards or other object looks like a whiteboard fully known as Whiteboard Explainer Videos. It is easy to make and easy to erase having low cost, but effective for mind and brain, used in TV and internet to convey messages in striking styles. The seven tips to make the best whiteboard explainer videos are as follows:-

1) Educational-Oriented Approach: Whiteboard Explainer Videos must have the theme of education so that viewers could learn something to see the videos. To teach in playing mode is an attractive means of popularity of any product. A large number of customers motivate from all such explainer videos that are informative and enlightening.
2) Having Simplification Approach: Whiteboard Explainer Videos will be regarded the best if they simplify the complex message by providing entertainment and engaging the viewers to the videos. People want a solution of their routine and domestic problems, if they see an Explainer Video by simplifying their routine issues they are facilitated and ultimately begin to purchase the products explained by videos.
3) Conversion of Boring Topic: It is the quality of the best whiteboard explainer videos to make busy the viewers all the time by conversion the boring topic into lively and dynamic one so that viewers could feel boredom, but enjoy them. Life is short. Each person should gratify to each other to spread happiness in the world.
4) Having powerful storey: A powerful storey has influence to catch the customer. If a customer is caught product is bought and sale is sought. The story of explainer video must be characterized by three elements – i) Short, but lot means undersized, but must deliver ii) Lesson, but not lessened means Video must have a lesson in an effective manner, but not reduce the interest of the viewers iii) Fending point with beginning point means that explainer video must fend the theme of the advertisement and play in an effective manner so that customers begin to purchase the product.
5) Drawings are interrelated: Drawing is a shape of painting through which a message is visualized or perceived as it is an effective form of expression recurrently used in commercial domains with a view to increase customers and sale of products. Drawings are drawn on the Whiteboard must interrelate to each other so that they may put an effective image on the viewers.
6) Thinking about customers’ Behavior: Customers are the backbone of any business; therefore full attention is given to hook them. Before making whiteboard explainer videos must think about the customers’ behavior so that it is drawn and displayed in bombardment, lovely and catching way. The knowledge of customers’ behavior helps out in pitching the behavior of the customers.
7) Jokey but not monkey: The whiteboard explainer videos have also the quality of joking by avoiding any sign of the monkey through painting and drawings to attract the viewers towards them. The joke should not slang, but it may be contemporary. A humor drawing structure may be used to give the attraction and lure in the video.

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