Fair skin phenomenon

(Sara Hussain, Karachi)

How often do we see the irritatingly repetitive advertisements on television claiming fairness in a week? It is the evident truth that advertisement promoting products that lead to fairer skin tend to be slightly , and sometimes enormously, exaggerated.

It has now become phenomenon in our society that every girl wants a fair skin complexion, mothers want fairer daughter in law for their sons. Many girls have damaged their skin, thanks to hazardous beauty products making false claims merely to increase their sales. Not only do they cause acne but, in certain cases, it can lead to something as drastic as skin cancer. The media is used for promoting such products and that is downright unethical.

The government and buyer should regulate the validity of advertisements and assure that products are genuinely effective and safe for the use of ignorant buyers.

"Fair skin is not the assurance for a better life but the acceptance of what you have and are...!!"

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